The Bulli, Touray Drama.

The Ministry is most attention-grabbing, efforts are being made at the Interior to stifle the case because the ‘do-gooders’ are seriously implicated in the visa fraud saga. Mr. Touray is using politicians to garner support in his favour. He is running everywhere for a negotiated settlement. His wife Fatou Joko Cham is recommended to be reprimanded going by the Police Report. Police say she is a … just like the husband, the aider and abettor in the case. Pa, this is a classic case of a thief thieving himself. When Mr. Touray and the wife are dragged to court, who is going to give fish money? Trouble awaits the Touray family.

There is incessant ‘panic’ mood at Immigration. Senior immigration officers are restless; some have gone as far as Mali to consult with marabouts.  According sources close to the Touray family,  a marabout from Guinea Bissau has been asked to help him kill the case. The Marabout is a noted man in Kabou, Bissau for silencing court cases. Animals are being sacrificed as charity at Kombo coastal beaches.  Gossips close to the wife also say that the Touray couple hire marabouts from the Cassamance and Mali-Kai regions. Marabouts at work, filling the purse with immigration funds.

There is an unfriendly matrimonial relation between the two. The wife is blaming him [Touray] for leaking the scandal to the general public. Look what is happening to me, all my friends and relatives are calling me wanting to know my involvement in the case, she disappointingly asked her husband? Why this why? Fatou Joko Cham cries every time she talks about the visa fraud scandal.

Mr. Touray’s friend Bulli Dibba has started distancing himself from him. He now realizes that his continued blind support for Touray will cost him his job. Besides, the money Touray gives Bulli is never plenty to risk his position as Permanent Secretary. He is being confronted by family and government officials to be mindful of his relations with the Immigration’s deputy director, a noted …, serial… and a financial manipulator.

Bulli DIbba has delusions of grandeur, his aim is to become the next president of the Gambia, yet his criminal ways and behavior will bring him to the ground. He is currently being groomed to be the flag bearer for NCP political party.  NCP is dead, and with Bulli at the forefront it will be buried more than six feet below ground.

The whiffs of gossips are that Bulli Dibba and  Mr. Touray are to  be redeployed to other government departments, for sanity to prevail in their respective departments. Worryingly, it has been suggested that Touray be sent to the office of the national security adviser.

Destructive, disturbing and damning revelations will soon manifest if Bulli does not reform within the next ten days.

Written By A Concerned Gambia

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