Good afternoon Nderry, since when is the interior ministry involved in the  regimentation of the security officers. This is what we call hypocrisy 101, no wonder there is no regimentation and no respect within the immigration department thanks to the interior ministry.why write to the immigration director general for a meeting in regards to a very junior and young officer who is so obsessed with a UTG degree to an extent that he thinks he is above the law and very special that he will not take instructions from his senior management team that he refused to go on three months rotation to experience almost all the key immigration stations within the country before you are commission to the rake of ASP .if you love your country you will be ready to go anywhere you are posted by your department, unless you have joined up the immigration department for your  own pocket not the interest of seeing a better immigration department ,cadet officer camara needs to understand that the immigration department have more experience and exposure officers when it comes to the JOB of immigration affairs or public administration.secondly why would the current interior ministry lower the office of the interior ministry by involving in pettiness.They know for a fact that the immigration director general is in Seychelles islands in the Indian ocean currently attending African union head of immigration meeting until 16 may  ,why write to him to attend a stupid and useless meeting because  a spoiled brat and disgruntled cadet officer is been used by the criminals in uniform to rebel against high command at the immigration department .This  is becoming a big insult to the office of the immigration director general position.This same spoiled brat was posted along the border with cassamance  when he was enlisted but he begged zil to transfer him to the greater banjul area so he can  further his education at the UTG ,without any issues he was transferred straight away and promoted.It’s about time the interior ministry focus on the security challenges better than involving in pettiness and undermining authority,because this is not going to do anything good for the Gambia and her people.secondly why would seedy touray deputy director respond to a letter that was not address to him by saying he will be attending the meeting,is he now the immigration director general?.interior ministry stop the pettiness and charge the officers involved in the seaport corruption,there is no way you can kill this case all this nonsense and pettiness to distract people from the seaport corruption is not going to work.

Nderry belie we have rookies at the interior ministry.This is the joke of the century.yaya jammeh system off undermining authority is back again at the interior ministry,nderry can you imagine such a junior officer is given all this attention to the extent of inviting the director general into a meeting to negotiate with his subordinate.when the director general is given all powers to fire him from the services if he wishes to,it part of his mandate as director general if you go through the civil service act.even the current SG drammeh wrote to the ministry to make sure this spoiled brat is disciplined but the ministry refused to act,by not forwarding the SIS report and SG drammehs recommendations  to the immigration director for disciplinary action against the junior officer cadet camara .The incident happened since December 2017 .The reason the DG can’t discipline the boy because he was just copied.he was waiting for the letter from the interior ministry written by SG drammeh and the SIS so he can act on their recommendations.but update the ministry refused to forward the letter for disciplinary action against cadet camara

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