Gambia: Seedy Kinteh Banned By FIFA Again!

According to sources closed to GFF, there has been reports that Mr. Seedy MB Kinteh the former President of Gambia Football Association who was out of football since 2012 has been banned by the world football governing body FIFA.
This is the second time Mr. Kinteh has been banned from football. This always  happens when there is football elections. The ban came amidst  that Mr. Kinteh has been supported by Mr. Muhammed Bin Hamman a Qatari national during his tenure in office for seven  years from 2005-2012 financially who in 2011 intend to run for FIFA Presidency  against the former FIFA president Sepp Blatter. It is an open secret that Mr. Kinteh is always ban when there is Football  elections in the Gambia. The GFF had tried severally to ban him from contesting the Augustus 2018 without success and so they decided to garner support from their collaborators working at FIFA.
In 2014 GFF Presidential elections, Mr. Kinteh was banned for receiving money from Mr. Bin Hammam. Again in the upcoming 2018 August elections another ban that he received money from Mr. Bin Hammam.
During the 2014 ban, Mr. Kinteh did explained that all the successes he had during his tenure in office was due to the financial support he enjoyed from a friend and brother Mr. Bin Hammam. It would be recalled that Mr. Bin Hammam attended the WAFU general assembly that was hosted by Gambia in 2011. Mr. Kinteh is no stranger to ban since he left football 2012.
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