Gambia: Breaking News: Gambian FIFA Referee Resigns After He Admitted Receiving Pre-Game Bribes!


A Gambian referee implicated in an undercover bribery sting operation has announced that he is steeping aside from the profession until the investigations into the matter are completed. Ebrima Jallow, a FIFA referee was busted during an undercover sting operation conducted by Anas Arewmeyaw Anas. Jallow reportedly received $500 dollars from the reporter Anas after promising to officiate games in a biased manner. “ I am not in any moment under any pressure to step down, but to act within the dictates of the professionalism and acting on my own conscience while I am being named and filmed in the video, to do away from my career until all matters of the investigations are completed,” the Ghana Business News quoted Jallow as having remarked.

Anas conducted an investigations dubbed “ Betraying the game.” He covered the assignment for the BBC. More than 100 referees and football officials were busted on camera receiving bribes before the games were officiated.

“ I finally apologize to the general public for my act of misconduct causing me, a disruption to a sport I cherish. My reserved apologies to the Gambia Football Federation that has always trusted me, since the beginning of my career, my colleagues at the Referees Association and Committee especially the junior ones that are looking up to me, as a reference and role model,” he added.

Ebrima Jallow has officially informed the Gambian Football Federation about his decision to resign from the body pending the outcome of the investigations.

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