The period that OG Sallah was First Secretary at The Gambia Embassy in Tripoli (Libya), the Minister of External Affairs was Lamin Kiti Jabang, the Parliamentary Secretary was OJ Jallow, the Permanent Secretary was Ebou Taal and the Gambian Ambassador to Libya was Alhaji Musa Darbo (who was a PPP politician and brother to Sainey Darbo of Agriculture Dept).

OG Sallah was recalled because of the scandal and the persona grata status made it impossible for him to continue to remain in Libya.

Then in the aftermath of the Kukoi coup when the External Aid Commission was set up to receive and coordinate all foreign aid to help recover from the failed coup attempt, Ebou Taal, Permanent Secretary, External Affairs, was appointed to head the External Aid

Commission and he appointed OG Sallah as Secretary of the Commission. Then, Ebou Taal was charged with misappropriation of funds at the Commission, was prosecuted and jailed.
OG Sallah miraculously escaped prosecution (but understandably due to internal help).

Ousman Sallah was then recalled from being Gambia Ambassador to Saudi Arabia (based in Jeddah) back to the Foreign Ministry as Permanent Secretary.

For your information, the Sallah who was sent to Libya after OG and Musa Darbo were recalled was Tijan Sallah, brother to Ousman Sallah. He was Charge d’Affairs to hold the fort whilst a new Ambassador was being identified and appointed. Then, he was sent to the High Commission in London as Counselor.

That new Gambian Ambassador to Libya who was appointed was Amadou Wadda. He was later moved to Senegal as Gambia High Commissioner.

For your further information, Ousman Sallah, as Permanent Secretary, was the one who posted OG Sallah as Counselor to The Gambia Embassy in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).

It took the Saudi government almost a year to agree to OG’s posting to Saudi Arabia because of the Libyan scandal. Osman Sallah, as former Gambian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, used every Arab contact and friend he had to get the Saudi government to finally accept OG’s appointment and posting as Counsellor to theGambia Embassy (now moved to Riyad), Saudi Arabia.

After returning to the home service from Saudi Arabia (due to the death of OG’ s son hit in a car accident), Ousman Sallah then posted OG as Counselor to The Gambia High Commission (London) to replace Tijan Sallah, brother to Ousman Sallah.

Then again, as Gambian Ambassador to the US and Permanent Representative to the UN, Ousman Sallah got OG to be appointed his deputy as Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN.

These two have always been friends, looking for each other’s back. After all, birds of the same feather flocks together!

Pa, you now have enough information to carry on with your radio programme on the subject of these dubious characters i.e OG Sallah and his friend/God father Ousman Sallah.

By A Concerned Gambian.

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