Good afternoon. I have heard you talked about the appointments of Omar Anne and Nyang Njie to the OIC Secretariat in Brusubi. Before these, other appointments were made including so-called advisors all over the place. Why do you need an advisor when a Permanent Secretary and Director are in place? My questions, based on your knowledge, as I am living abroad.:
1. Did they advertise the posts of Omar Anne, Nyang Njie and others at the OIC Secretariat to allow other qualified Gambians to compete?
2. Did the government advertise the numerous posts of so-called advisors?
3. Is this government advertising any post of relevance to allow Gambians to openly compete?
I know Nyang Njie is good. However, I am not aware that he is a Communications Specialist. But even if he were, it is proper to advertise the post to allow other Communications Specialists to compete so that we can have the best. This is assuming that the post was not advertised.
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