The GDC party leader with few delegates visited Taneneh village to scout for an amicable solution to reconcile the ongoing graveyard issue. Hon. Kandeh spoke to pacify their emotions and thank the people of Teneneh for keeping the peace.
The GDC leader extended an offer to Seedu Barrow to grant him a plot of land of the exact size as a way to compensate him to let go and allow the manjago community in Teneneh village to continue using the place as a graveyard to bury their deceased love ones.
The GDC chief executive emphasized that graveyards are human’s final resting place and is urging Seedu Barrow to exercise mercy for the purpose of peace, common understanding and a common belonging amongst us.
The people of Teneneh village appreciated Hon Kandeh’s visit and welcomed his kind words in seeking to reconcile the quagmire, they thanked him for coming.
Written By Samba P Jallow
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