Gambia: When will Gambians be aware false GFF premises before election? 

When will Gambians be aware false GFF premises before election?
Its an open secret that anytime GFF election nears, the Kabba executive always play fool out of the electorates within these zones in a bit to get their votes. When will Gambians be aware? Meanwhile these parks are and will continue to be in a bad shape which even my village field is better. Electorates be aware of loyalty buying with empty promises!!!
Re: $1,627,500
1. The pitch conditions of Banjul, Bakau, SK West, SK east, Manjai, Brikama and the Independence stadium have much to be desired over the last 4 years.  The GFF always play smart on the football fans of the aforesaid zones by fooling and giving them empty promises that their parks will be upgraded to International standard. Has this been the case?
2. The promise of construction of new football pitches are nothing but just  a campaign to lure voters to elect them in to office. Since when did they realise these areas need new football fields? These were the same promises made by them when they came newly.
3. We are aware in the past in that monies meant to be spend on national teams with support from FIFA are diverted in to personal and private use. This one too will not be Different.
4. In the past football fans in the Gambia cannot point a finger at any GFF football development program/s. May be this is another lottery for those hungry executives.
By Ousman B Kinteh
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