It is with honour and appreciation that I am announcing my appointment as head of Public Relations at the O I C Secretariat with effect from June 1st 2018.

I  flew to the Gambia last Friday to assume office. My home coming has definitely been marked by a warm welcome within the mindset of team work, team spirit and above all dedication to work.

In light of the aforesaid, at the   P R office  our  role will be  to speak on behalf on O I C and above all The Gambia  on matters related to the forth coming conference through effectve  communication skills and or strategies using  diplomacy as quick reference guide. The latter will be geared towards engaging our dear citizens and other nationalities or societies beyond borders with open minds. Everything my office  would release or share orally, in writing or other wise will definitely be guided by codes of conduct, team work and team spirit. Sincerely speaking communicating with the citizens  on what O I C is all about  is paramount for our team. All Gambians are part of it and we call everyone on board to make sure we as a muslim  country  stand on our feet  with genuine and good intentions to realize one of the best  O I C conferences ever organized.

It is a national event, a national pride and above all benefits attached to it which will definitely transform our nation in terms of infrastructure, recognition on the geopolitical arena and it’s external image.  O I C is the second largest international organization in the world after the United Nations with 57 member states and was formed in 1969. Gambia was chosen to host it and we can do it we are the second country in Africa to host it  apart from Senegal

That said over the years we all have been working and fighting together to realize a democratic and free Gambia where we want a flourishing and vibrant economy which still remains our first priority.  Therefore opportunities like these are part of the  components of that engine that will propel our vessel to a convincing rendezvous with destiny where access to resources and benefiting from established structures can be expected by every citizen.  O I C is not closing its doors to any suggestion, idea or observation meant to add value to it’s functionality. Once my official email is established it will be shared for ease of reference for media houses. Gambians through  journalists or other avenues  will be constantly  updated in respect of sharing developments with the general public.

NOTE!!! When I speak it is not Essa speaking for himself I am speaking on behalf of O I C, Gambia government and the Gambian citizens on matters related my functions within  the frame of a job description..At the oftice here we work as a team therefore answers and explanations from my office are not personal opinions, they will be a product of the team ranging from the C E O Chief executive officer to the newest staff.

Please pray for us to remain healthy, motivated and faithful to our work and the nation. We
need your support every day and every night.

Alhamdulillah Yaa Kabiir

Editors note: The report above was culled from Essa Sey’s Facebook page. We earlier contacted Mr. Sey, prior to him making the announcement to shed light on his appointment, but he never responded to our text message. We are looking forward to hearing from Mr. Sey in due course.

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