Despite the Finance Minister’s claims that there are no sufficient funds to train new police recruits, the National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA) recently graduated a batch of NDEA drug officers, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Some of the graduates were promoted to the rank of Inspector and Chief Inspectors respectively. The recruits were mainly drawn from the supporters of the United Democratic Party (UDP). They were sent to be trained as anti-narcotic officers, our sources said.

The NDEA is Gambia’s main anti-drug outfit.  It is headed by Bakary Gassama, a native Kiang Nema. Gassama’s assistant is Tijan Bah, a former dismissed senior operative of the NIA.

The average NDEA recruit earns more than a police Inspector. They are paid over D4,000 dalasi monthly salary.

According to sources, the NDEA, has been politicized since the arrival of the Barrow administration. Some officers of the agency have been linked to conniving with drug dealers to sell drugs in the country.

Karamba Jawla, a nephew of Gambia’s Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe, was implicated in a drug dealing case, but the leadership of the agency couldn’t fire him due to his family relationship with Mr. Darboe. Karamba and one Modou Njie, a driver at the agency, allegedly supplied drugs to one notorious drug dealer Ratty for sale. The case was investigated, but Gassama and his Directorate decided that the duo should be allowed to stay on the job.

Karamba Jawla was also involved in another case; this time around, he was accused of obstruction of justice. Working as an NDEA prosecutor, Jawla tried to lure the sister of a drug trafficker accused person into a romantic relationship. He was busted for sending text messages to the accused’s sister—promising to get the accused off the hook if the accused’s sister agrees to date him.

The matter was brought to the attention of DG Gassama. Gassama had earlier decided to transfer Jawla to Sangkanding, but due to the alleged intervention of Jawla’s uncle Ousainou Darboe, and the former Interior Mai Fatty, his transfer was rescinded, according to sources at the agency.

Inspector Saikouba Jammeh, and ASP Camara were fired from the agency on frivolous reasons when the likes of Karamba Jawla and Modou Njie have been allowed to stay on the job.

Next, we will revisit the S Madi drug case. The role played by Alhjagie Morr, Bakary Gassama, Lamin Gassama, NDEA officer Pa Bojang, and Modou Njie, the driver in that case will be discussed. The briefcase of cash that was handed to Modou Njie, to hand over to his superiors at the NDEA will be exposed.  Njie was not given a  dime by his superiors after transporting the money to them.

We will also expose the D300,000.00 dalasi Chief Superintendent Pa Bojang at the NDEA Scientific Unit and Alhagie Morr shared after some Mauritanian drug dealers bribed them.

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