The Gambian government has cancelled a police recruitment program saying there are no funds to cater for new hires in the Force, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Over 500 potential police recruits were shortlisted to be trained as police officers, but a letter from the Finance Minister Amadou Sanneh, sent to the Inspector General of police Landing Kinteh, has implored on the police command to suspend all future training for the force. The Finance Minister said the decision was occasioned due to lack of sufficient budget to finance such training.

The Gambian police have been faced with capacity challenges. The institution lacks mobility, and equipment to effectively carryout its work.

The Finance Minister’s letter came as a surprise to the police command, according to one source familiar with the story. “The Minister can cancel the police training and yet Executives in the Barrow government are on a wild goose chase for travel per diem allowances,” he said.

Police Spokesman David Kujabi could not be reached for comment.

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