Gambia: Breaking News: State House Newly Created State Intelligence Unit Boss Muhammed Kanteh, Accused Of Extorting Money From Africell, Qcell, GRA And Lotto Gambia!


Muhammed Kanteh, a police ASP, attached to the president’s office to head a new intelligence outfit called the State Intelligence Unit (SIU), has been named in an alleged multiple corruption scandal. Kanteh is a nephew of Gambia’s Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe. He has been writing letters to Gambian prastatals, including private companies soliciting for funding to sponsor the activities of the SIU, sources close to Mr. Kanteh have intimated. Among the companies targeted by Kanteh for his illegal fundraising drive include: the telecommunication giant Africell, Muhammed Jah’s Qcell company, the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) and the Gambian National Lottery company.

Mr. Kanteh has overstepped his bounds. He is using his new position at the State House to extort money from the unsuspecting companies “ Kanteh has been writing letters to companies soliciting for donation. He received cash from some of the companies. There are letters available to that effect. He cannot deny that he has not been approaching institutions begging them money,” a source who wished to remain anonymous alleged.

Mr. Kanteh has also been accused of being part of a corruption ring involving some senior officers of the Gambian police force. He allegedly stole 300 bags of cement belonging to the exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, including carpets and other valuables. The matter was jointly probed by the police and the State Intelligence Services (SIS).

When Kanteh received information that a task force of officers was scheduled to search his Wullikama home, he moved the cement to a neighbour’s house to evade the searching team. The stolen cement was entrusted to one Sanji Fatty. His driver transported the cement to Fatty’s home. He used part of that cement to build his storey building at Wullikama and his Lamin home, sources said.

Mr. Kanteh has also been named in another stolen vehicle scandal. He took a mini-van belonging to the exiled dictator and transform it as a commercial taxi. The van used to ply between Bundung and Basse. The van was later seized from him.

Kanteh’s SIU officers have been posted at the sea port in Banjul, and elsewhere in the country. They recently busted a man, who was accused of illegal timber trafficking. The man had to pay a bribe of $20,000 dollars before he was set free.

Kanteh, we are told, is also into land grabbing. He has been accused of taking over two landed properties belonging to AMRC in Old Yundum. He intends to build a school at the said location.

Kanteh is growing out of feathers. He is the new General Badjie of the Gambia. He has created a reception office at the State House for his sisters, who were hired to serve as cleaners. Kanteh facilitated their employment at the State House.

Kanteh is also busy trying to get the SIS Director Ousman Sowe fired. He is collaborating with some dishonest officers within the system to make up stories against Sowe.

Not long ago, a whatsapp message surfaced on the internet saying that DG’s Sowe’s driver was arrested with drugs. Those behind the propaganda message said the vehicle in question is Sowe’s official car.

The same cyber bullies are behind the conspiracy to get Immigration DG Buba Sanyang, AKA Zil fired. They are also making up stories against SG Habib Drammeh. They accused Drammeh of working with the SSHFC staffers to get DG Muhammed Manjang fired.

At the SIU offices at the State House, Kanteh’s colleagues said Kanteh, is busy bringing in people from his Mandinka ethnic tribe. Kanteh’s colleagues are the least pleased with the way he conducts himself in that office. He wants to transform the SIU into a tribal affiliated institution, one of his colleagues alleged.

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