Gambia, I was going through the pictures of the newly sworn Faraba Banta incident Commission Members, and someone among the members stood out. This is a person, who once served the brutal National Intelligence Agency, and he rose to the position of a Unit Director. He is no other person other than Omar Cham. Mr. Cham has been linked to an alleged torture of detainees while he works at the NIA Headquarters in Banjul. He is a familiar face at the defunct NIA.

The March 2006 coup suspects (detainees) can attest to the fact that Cham coordinated the torture sessions at the agency. Sillaba Samateh has recorded numerous videos on social media lamenting the callousness of Omar Cham.  He was part of Jammeh’s torture machine.

At a personal level, Cham appeared to be a nice guy, but he allowed to be used by Jammeh at the latter part of his career at the NIA. He later a became a victim of Jammeh’s terror machine. He had to flee the country to seek shelter at a neighboring country.

Omar Cham is a former member of the defunct National Gendamerie. He was discharged from the Gendamerie following a knife attacked he suffered from cattle wrestlers.
I am now convinced that strangers are running the Gambia and former Jammeh enablers. Adou Boy is very clueless as far as identifying folks who aided and abetted Jammeh to oppress our people. Adou Boy is becoming a national security risk. He needs to rescind Cham’s appointment. Cham’s crimes will come to light during the TRRC.

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