Crisis at the Janneh Commission?
Commission staff want Amie Bensouda to quit NOW
Following a 7-page damning petition written by the secretary to the commission Alhaji Kurang, all hell has broken loose at the Janneh Commission of Inquiry into the financial transactions of the former President Yahya Jammeh and his close associates.
The highlights of the petition include (i) that Amie Bensouda is implicated in the sale of Ocean Bay Hotel as she was paid D7million dalasis by Social Security and Housing Financing Corporation (SSHFC) as a transaction lawyer (ii) that Amie Bensouda’s son the newly elected mayor of KMC Talib Ahmed Bensouda showed keen interest in acquiring the Yahya Jammeh tractors that the Commission put for auction for D1.5M each. But Amie Bensouda queried the price and insisted that the price should be brought down so that her son could buy them all. The staff refused and reported the matter to another commission Saine, who evaluated the price at US$15, 000. Then there was directive from the Office of the President to stop the auctioning of the tractors (iii) The petitioner further alleged that Amie Bensouda was implicated in the financing of rice importation by Muhammed Bazzi through Standard Chartered Bank, as she was  paid US$75,000 as a transaction lawyer.
Based on the following, the staff concluded that Amie Bensouda has lost the moral authority to serve on the Commission.
Readers would recall that as former solicitor-general, Amie Bensouda used to collect … from parastals for services rendered to them without sharing the loot with her colleagues in the AG Chambers. When she went into private practice, she has been bleeding the parastals to the point of death.
Meanwhile, Amie Bensouda has threatened that she would not quit in that she is the power behind the new government, boasting that nobody can do her anything in the new dispensation. She claims that she has Ousainou Darboe in her palms and also boasts that she was responsible for the removal of Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang as Vice President. It is a well known fact that her blood brother is the Secretary General and head of the civil service.
Written By A Concerned Citizen
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