The Lead Counsel at the Janneh Commission Amie Bensouda, has been accused by the outgoing Commission Executive Secretary Alhagie Kurang, of interfering with the Commission’s orders in seizing dictator Jammeh’s assets and properties. In this damning petition, Kurang addressed to the presidency, and Bensouda herself, Kurang said Amie Bensouda, was constantly on the phone with the former Finance Minister Amadou Sanneh, in an attempt to covertly negotiate and purchase dictator Jammeh’s  auctioned luxurious cars, livestock, and other properties.  Ms. Bensouda has denied the allegations in a counter statement she wrote.

Kurang has also accused Bensouda of endless travels at the expense of the Commission, whose members he said are yet to be paid. He also alleged that Bensouda is not happy that the Commission is feeding poor police officers, when she and her law firm are the biggest financial beneficiaries of the Janneh Commission.

He also accused Bensouda of meddling with the Commission’s budget and colluding with dictator Yahya Jammeh, and some of Jammeh’s former close associate summoned before the Commission. He cited the economic genocide perpetrated at the Social Security, Housing and Finance Corporation during Jammeh’s watch, while Bensouda was the retained lawyer for the SSHFC. Kurang maintained that Bensouda is a compromised Lead Counsel for the Janneh Commission. He did not believe that Bensouda will honestly serve the commission and the Gambia–given her alleged conflicted reputation and past dealings with some of the witnesses.

Bensouda, according to Kurang, is exploiting his biological relationship with Habib Drammeh, Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service to pursue her sheer greed for material wealth and possession. For example, he cited Bensouda’s alleged behind the scene moves to purchase some of Jammeh’s assets through Amadou Sanneh and Habib at the State House. Both Bensouda and her brother Habib have rejected Kurang’s allegations.

Kurang has also accused Bensouda of cozying up with witnesses such as Muhammed Bazzi. He alleged that there is a prior relationship between Bazzi and Bensouda prior to the fall of Jammeh; hence which led to Bensouda’s friendly cross-examination towards Muhammed Bazzi. He said Bensouda has benefited from Bazzi’s financial adventures in the Gambia; evidence of which, he said, was presented before the Commission.

Bazzi has been indicted by the US Treasury Department on alleged ties with the Hezbollah terror group. The Lebanese national has been designated as a Hezbollah financier.

Mr. Kurang also accused Bensouda of using her position at the Janneh Commission to purchase tractors belonging to the exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh. Kurang said Bensouda’s conduct is an affront to the Commission’s terms and references.

“Your quest to secure tractors at all cost for yourself or your interest in the KMC Constituency stands against the interest of the whole country,” Kurang said. Kurang used the dialect  ” Dafa Doy” word  in petition meaning ” Enough, is Enough.”

Below is the petition.


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