The present situation is definitely Out of Control. It is a mental riot; a revolution with very little physical violence – heaven forbid that it goes to that level.

This is a Beware! We have seen this before; in person, at Liberia, Freetown, Mali and Dakar, Senegal, Bogota, Caracas and even in USA. It wasn’t pretty there and then and it won’t be here – so this is Wake-Up time.

If you force them out and based on ‘Malfeasance of Office’ the whole of them should be removed. Sound appealing, but whom do you desire to replace them. What parties could be counted on not to be overwhelmed by the potential Quiet Golden Handshakes offered by vendors or Former associates of the “MD.” True patriots almost never take the limelight as the expected lifespan is Short.


Referring back to our first posting **‘The 3 Beginnings post we cited a local bar in Bakau where the Whos’ and Whats’ gathered to espouse Fact or Fiction. They asked for Support in pushing out Mad Dog as he was Spoiling all the business, (Remember these were the Gentlemen; all former government officials, with the large UK bank accounts). This author asked “Whom do you want to replace him with” and in reply they pointed at one of the customers. We will not name him here, however his credentials are important: Highly educated – Business background – Civic minded (meaning Chaired a noted NGO) and an Enemy of the State – Mad Dog targeted him and his agency. He is still here, doing business and so are other equally qualified senior Non-Government individuals.


The Commission Story (At this point one might ask – Which one):

Fact: The Gambia Bar Association pushed forth a law allowing them to charge 10% fees. Meaning 10% of a Lease – Contract or Court Representation.

So the Commission Chairperson receiving fees for property sales and other legal representation is not out of order. Ask your lawyer, get the facts, and then know the truth. They want to stop the Commission, yes that Commission. Not the one with 6 people to investigate 6 PIU for 3 dead, or the ones for the Corruption or the Constitution; for sure there will more in the future as events unfold.

What No Bread Story:

Fact: Mad Dog and Mr. “B” had government institute a 47% Duty on the imported baking flour to protect their jointly owned mill at ports. The new government removed the duty and several months ago called the public’s attention to that fact and called for the bread price reduction. Makes sense does it not with an almost 50% reduction in the flour cost. However, for several months, the bakers refused and action creates reaction. Strikes followed based on still high per sack prices. The public suffered and so did the bakers. That’s the effect but what of the Cause.

Now starts the finger pointing at the wholesales and importers that must be making excessive profits when the tax has been reduced. Or have the import costs gone up due to rising fuel prices. Yup, flour has to be milled from wheat and that takes energy; how much is key to you getting the Truth! The internet shows wheat flour at $150 per ton from South Africa up to over $300 from other countries. That is D7,000 to D14,000 or D350 to D700 per sack at Ports. You do the math and get your own truth.

Additionally, what Mad Dog refused to sign, the Current group signed and that binds them to certain Rules and Procedures or They Don’t Get the Money. What! Well of course it is spaced out in Tranches. Do this get that. Don’t do that or you don’t get this. Simple!

Free Market Trade does not allow government to Control Prices!

Remember Gambia is A Business. Are You a shareholder that simply waits for dividends or are You an Involved one seeking and finding the Truth?

Prosecution for Wrong Doing Story:

Fact: All government employees or parties associated with government have a Hold Harmless that came into effect on or about 2001 made retroactive to cover Gunned-Down school children. So do you believe that former NIA, PIU or current government parties really can be prosecuted?

This is the nature of Cause and Effect. One treats the Effect and only ends up with more Effects. Notice the Current parties were never in a rush to Knock Out this and other Illegal laws. If it was you, would you remove them and have people protesting without a Permit, thereby calling attention to your failings?

Just look at the Overwhelming evidence piling up. This and That officer took this and that. This and That party approved contract(s) with no proper vetting. So and So illegally signed for funds to be released (‘he would have done this or that bad thing to me’) and on and on, already too much and many to list. What about parties that were arrested for corruption – bailed and magically turned up in America. How are they surviving there with that Cost of Living? Think about that the next time you apply for a visa and are denied! However, what’s missing in this Detective Series – An Arrest. Were you sitting on the edge of the sofa waiting for GRTS to show the party(s) being cuffed and led in to MD’s Hotel?

Sorry – Time for a word from our sponsors, back with International News and the Sports…. Drums sounding…

“He Killed Thousands Story”:

Fact: The actual number keeps growing; however the ICC International Criminal Court did not take any real interest and as yet there is no arrest warrant issued. ‘But he cannot run or travel we canceled his passport’. Think about that statement and now know that there are any number of countries issuing (Read as Selling) them for money and Diplomatic is the wealthy mans’ choice. ‘Now we have and are selling his planes’. Charter flight available day or night. Wife was in Dakar – then Paris, perhaps they went shopping together while he stayed in the plane – this is not a movie, this is how real wealth works. Is the Bulgarian (Romanian) man still here for the Commission or did “HIS” plane leave?

Here is the problem area. So far no one can say, ‘He told me to kill so and so’. Instead he would say to an “Aide”; ‘I don’t want to see that person again’. Yes but all those people are dead under his watch! Think about the Two Edged Sword. If it Cuts his case then it must Cut the current case for those killed – Thus Far- under his watch. Are you beginning to see why there will be very little pressure applied?

Chinese ‘Fishy Story:

Fact: Fish factory with the “Lead” in its name was taken to court – Found Wanting and fined for polluting and told to remove their Pipe. A Clear ‘Cease and Desist’ order, Result, they violate the court order by not removing the pipe. Eco-Citizens remove the pipe and are arrested for – What?

Company threatens the family of one activist; his brother is detained at police, and installs four (4) pipes. Then they Annex Sanyang and Gunjur with a Chinese Flag which would appear to make those communities a Super Power, Is that what Mad Dog meant by Gambia will be an Economic Superpower?

Such an event could be beneficial for development – except they will not be employing any dark complexion individuals as reported by the Western Boiler Engineer that was asked not to bring “Any Blackman Here.”

The defense is that the fish extraction residue does not pollute. Advanced testing lab in contradiction revealed that it actually does pollute the environment and is Harmful to Humans.

Depleted Fertilizer Story:

Fact: Documents reflecting the “Chain of Custody and Disposal (Sale) approvals, have been posted for all to see. Yet “OJ must be held accountable; surely he benefited! The reality can be known from the Senegalese buyer that supposedly paid Nothing as Waste Disposal. What di the investigators learn in the Months that followed his interception. It was stated that Senegalese industry is able to reinvigorate the material. Would it then not have value about equal to the product price? A better method would have been to contract Senegal to process the material and bring it back to Gambia, or, they then pay a percentage of the restored value – but to Whom?

VP Removed Story:

Fact: The VP Exit Story. The Why and How became less important than ‘She Flew Off to Switzerland’, the very same day. Humm. There are two things in Swiss that could account for this. The UN, her old employer is there and so are a number of Banks. However, she was and is too old for reemployment as per their regulations; no disrespect intended. So that moves the signpost to the banking question. If one is short of funds – not likely with the salary and perks afforded to her – then online banking or an ATM card could solve the immediate needs. A personal visit is another matter altogether! Just like in a movie, get to the bank before What! Funds being blocked. Close an account. Arrange transfers. It’s a puddle of problems that require real facts. The abrupt departure is a dead giveaway that raises too many suspicions and the puddle is expanding to the whole group by that action.

Those banks will not disclose any details for this entire group and the deals that have been questioned, but some insides can. There was a policy in the West with 10% of the funds recovered under a Whistle Blowers Act and a Hold Harmless.



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