More Damning Revelations about Amie Bensouda

I read your story “Crisis at the Janneh Commission?” with great interest. I would like to add that readers know very little about the horrendous economic crimes that AB has committed (and is still committing) against the Gambia and the Gambian people. I have a few examples of these criminal activities of AB against the Gambian people and the nation at large.

  1. Her law chambers was appointed as the overseer of the pre-qualification for the oil blocks in the Gambia. It was through this connection that she came in contact with FAR Ltd Perth, who financed her son’s (Talib Ahmed Bensouda) mayoral campaign. Her son’s first activity on becoming mayor is to demolish some section of the KMC offices in order to create lucrative business opportunities for his mother’s real estate firm.
  2. Regarding AB real estate firm, she (AB) has perfected some criminal schemes and plots to buy the landed properties that have been confiscated from the former Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh. Gambians must keep their eyes wide open.
  3. AB is also the legal adviser to Gamtel/Gamcel. She is now using her influence to get another of her son who owns Insist Global, an ICT company, to apply for the money-spinning Gateway Project.  Insist Global is working with some outside company to finalize the application. Meanwhile, AB has threatened the top management of Gamtel/Gamcel that if her son’s company fails to get the contract, heads would roll.

It should be remembered that it was the same Gateway Project that Mr Demba Ali Jawo, that principled and courageous journalist, queried in an open letter that led to his dismissal which, according to reports, was masterminded by Habib Drammeh, the Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service, who is also a blood brother of AB.

  1. AB also used her clout with the Presidency including the top leadership of the United Democratic Party (UDP) to get some fronts to buy  the cattle that were confiscated from Yahya Jammeh’s ranch for her own ranch. Well meaning Gambians are prepared to go to AB ranch to identify the cattle she bought through a sleight of hands from Yahya Jamme’s ranch through the fake auction mounted by the Commission.

These are very disturbing developments given that it was the same economic plunder by a select few in the past 22 years that has brought the Gambia to its grave. All Gambians of conscience must never ever allow a repeat of the monstrosities of the past two decades. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We must allow AB to develop into another cold-blooded monster that will devour all of us.  The mind-boggling questions Gambians should be asking themselves are:

  1. Did AB pay full taxes for the whopping sum of D7M that she received in income from the Social Security? It is on record, as shown in the 2013 Tax Commission, that AB is a notorious tax dodger. It is not appropriate that the tax issue should be revisited because tax evasion constitutes a major leakage of public revenue, hence it is a capital criminal offence in the world.
  2. Did her appointment as a retainer for Social Security, Gamtel/Gamcel, Atlantic Hotel and many other parastals follow due process? Or did she get those opportunities through the dark back door?

AB has a lot of explanation to do for the Gambian people. After all, what is emerging is that she was a major beneficiary of the Yahya Jammeh era. Why is she now sitting in judgement over other alleged beneficiaries of the old order?

The handwriting is clear on the wall that AB is prepared to sink the Gambia for her own selfish and perverted interest. The Gambia belongs to all of us. This is a wake-up call. We must not replace one criminal dictatorship with another.

The Gambia is bleeding and sinking and AB is behind it all.

Editors note: The author’s views are entirely that of his.  Thanks for your attention.

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