Social Security Housing and Finance Corporation(SSHFC) : Satisfaction of employees is the best organizational strategy.

Henry Fayol proposed that all Managers performs certain activities and functions and four functions of management are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Management therefore can be defined as the arts and sciences of achieving goals through people. The Managing Director of SSHFC cannot accomplish his desire goals set for the institution without the consolidation and support of employees. In Human resources management Amstrong referred to employees as the lifeblood of organizations meaning that organizations cannot perform effectively and efficiently to the expectation of its objective without employees. I am not here to judge or draw conclusion but offer admonishment to management of SSHFC by implying that the Managing Director of SSHFC has made a mistake by uttering a statement that he wasn’t appointed by the employees. In modern days, business organizations(public corporation) exist for two reasons which are Internal customers and external customers. The internal customers of an organization are the employees and external customers are the customers who purchase products and services offered by the organizations.

More broadly, management process according to Koontz and Weihrich (1990) is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, efficiently accomplish selected aims. Any managing director that cannot bring employees under one umbrella to work together for the common objective of an organizations he will fail woefully. Managers are, therefore, expected to ensure greater productivity for continuous improvement. To achieve the objective for continuous improvement therefore, require the process of gradualism as it can’t take place overnight which will compel me to say that all managers should be strategically forward looking and long termism in their reform process. Its relevant to note that its one thing to set an objective for public corporation but desire objectives will not be achieve without the necessary carrot(motivation) provided to the employees. Motivation of employees is paramount and link to productivity of employees. With that in mind, managers need to find creative ways in which to consistently keep their employees motivated as much as possible.

Motivation is highly important for every company due to the benefits that it’s able to bring. Such benefits include:

  • Greater Employee Satisfaction
  • Better Team Harmony
  • Workforce Stability
  • Human Capital Management
  • Meeting Personal Goals Help an Employee Stay Motivated and Feel About Themselves to Continue to Produce.

Thus, management refers to the development of bureaucracy that derives its importance from the need for strategic planning, co-ordination, directing and controlling of large and complex decision-making process. Essentially, therefore, management entails the acquisition of managerial competence, and effectiveness in the following key areas: problem solving, administration, human resource management, and organizational leadership. I could reflect as a Sales Manager at Enterprise life the Gambia, the Managing Director used to engage all staffs to take part in the process of decision making during forums for formulating a strategic plan for the enterprise which alone serve as a source of motivation for employees as their contributions are valued. Even if all their needs are not provided to their satisfaction but listening to them is crucial in identifying their problems and individual needs to the development of strategic plan which will entail motivational packages to keep employees motivated.

In conclusion, management of SSHFC should focus on solving problems that keep emerging all the time in the course of an organization struggling to achieve its goals and objectives. Problem solving should be accompanied by problem identification, analysis and the implementation of remedies to managerial problems. Second, administration involves following laid down procedures for the execution, control, communication, delegation and crisis management. Third, human resource management should be based on strategic integration of human resource, assessment of workers, and exchange of ideas between Managing Directors and employees.

Lastly, the leadership of SSHFC should be able developed a long lines of interpersonal relationship, teamwork, self-motivation to perform, emotional strength and maturity to handle recent crisis, the management of recent crisis will require personal integrity and trust between management and employees or those assign the responsibilities to mediate between the management of SSHFC and the employees.

In the interest of the country, the intervention of the government is timely required to resort and redress the management employees crisis.

By: Abdoulie Sohna(

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