Momodou Camara, the Staff Representative at the Social Security, Housing and Finance Corporation (SSHFC) has denied social media reports that he has been fired from the Corporation.  “Pa, I just don’t want to comment on this social media gossip. All I can said is three words: Lies, Lies, Lies. Don’t mind them. Don’t mind them. They are lying. It is not true,” Camara told Freedom Newspaper in a phone interview on the line to Banjul.

Camara was reacting to a Facebook posting made by Kabiru Musa Darboe, claiming that Camara has been fired. “Momodou Camara fired from his Job at the SSHFC , walked in to state house to report the matter and Uncle Barrow told him to go back to work . Is this what really happened Amie Bojang-Sissoho ?” he asked.

When asked why should anyone peddled fake news about his sacking, Camara remarked: “What we are trying to sense is, they are trying to build a network; a network that is fake; a network that is also tribally rubbish; a network that is based on.. we just don’t understand; this is not the Gambia that we are trying to build; they are lying. I have been advised to keep it low; they are lying; they are lying, but anything I will let you know. As far as I am concerned, we are making progress on our petition. Don’t mind them; it is side talk.”

“We went to the State House and we had a deal. We had a fair hearing; we understand that the Board was compromised; they don’t want to say the truth; so, the file has been moved to a new Minister and justice would be delivered,” he added.

Camara said the MD of the Corporation Muhammed Manjang has been the staffers problem. He said Manjang’s attempts to use some backdoor networks to vilify and victimize the staffers will not work. He added that the SSHFC staffers have been getting along fine with past MDS of the company, but Manjang has proven to be the problem.

For now, he said, he will stick to the advice he received to wait for the outcome of their petition against Manjang. He said the social media distractions will not sway them from their principled stance, demanding for Manjang’s removal from the SSHFC.

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