PRESS STATEMENT From Pa Njie Girigara ex mayoral candidate for KMC.

To: All Media Houses.

To: All whom it may concern, Gambians in particular.

I Dawooda Njie aka Pa Njie Girigara wish to inform the general public that I am not a member of the GDC party or any other political party. I do not hold any position in any political party in the Gambia.

My political relationship with the GDC stopped at representing them as mayoral candidate of the KMC during the last elections.

I therefore wish to disassociate myself on everything the GDC Executive says or writes in the public domain.

I wish to take the opportunity to thank all those that voted for me during the last mayoral elections.

I finally wish to inform the general public that I am a businessman and independent politician and do not belong to any political party.

Thank you for your attention.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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