The APRC Deputy Leader Ousman Ramba Jatta, AKA Rambo, has that said it has come to their attention that the recently leaked Jammeh audio conversations that Jammeh had with his party officials, first got to the Barrow State House before it was leaked to the public. “We are yet to know the person(s) responsible for the leakage of the audios. We are investigating the matter. We are yet to know; frankly speaking,” Jatta tells Freedom Newspaper.

“We are investigating the person(s) behind the leakage of the audios because we understand that it was the State House, who got first hold of the audio. That what we are made to understand. We don’t know how that audio ended up at the State House,” he added.

When asked how he knew that the State House were the first recipients of Jammeh’s leaked tapes, Jatta retorted: “Ha, ha, has, Pa, this country is very small. People talk.”

Further quizzed: Seedy Njie is now with President Barrow. Are you saying that probably, Seedy Njie must have compromised it?, Jatta said: “I don’t know anything about that. We are investigating. When we get our final results, we will make it known to the public.”

It would be recalled that Ebrima Kitim Jarju made an accusation on Freedom Radio Gambia, against Ramba Jatta, by alleging that it was Rambo, who secretly recorded dictator Jammeh during the multiple phone conversations they had with Jammeh, who is now living in exile in Equatorial Guinea. Jatta has denied the allegations.

When asked whether he was the one who secretly recorded Jammeh? Rambo retorted: “Who said so? Ha, ha, ha, you know Pa, I don’t want to make Kitim prominent. Kitim is a nonentity who only believes in “ fitna” trouble and mixing people together. Kitim has made a lot of audios for me, but have you ever heard me responding to back him? Because for me, Kitim doesn’t exist; he is nobody. I never believe that someone living in Europe, this long will behave like this.”

Further asked whether Yahya Jammeh was disappointed about the leakage of those audios?, Rambo said: “That I cannot answer because I have not been in contact with him for a time now. I cannot answer to that.”

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