Manjang came, deliberately released his empty rhetorical reply to the staff petition to the media, online. He did and wanted only one thing and that is to gain more public support and sympathy from the remaining unsuspecting support base even though many that came to his defense at the beginning of the longest, most publicized and peppered saga of our New Dispensation had made a U Turn and regretted why they had said all that they had of the decent and hardworking staff of this noble institution, SSHFC. These, of course are the vilifying remarks of all kinds that were heaped on these dignified, decent and most hardworking men and women of our country.

He showed he was unhappy and reluctant to reply to the allegations been levelled against him by the 271 staff of the SSHFC even though it was the highest office of our land (State House) through the SG who had asked him to do this. He was clearly angry over the request by the OP through the SG to reply but why must a head of an institution be so angry so much so that he wouldn’t want to reply and possibly clear himself of all those damning allegations against him if indeed he is so clean of any wrong doing? This is puzzling!!!

Manjang went so low by publishing a “Thank you” letter from Momodou Camara to him. I am happy that he shared the letter as it showed that Camara has no ill feeling against him and would appreciate any good thing he does on the job but when it goes wrong too as in this saga, he will hold him accountable through the general staff body that he leads through an election. I am glad he never published any incriminating letter that had the honest, humble and true Patriot, Momodou Camara implicated as in his case. Camara is truly better than MD Manjang by all accounts.

Again, he went low to publish the list of demands by Staff to him and it’s clear the reason why he did this is to score a point through the public as the demand mainly centers on the honoring of the “old good traditions” or simply motivational packages for staff that he found in place and these, for some of you who don’t know, include:
-Early payments during feasts (Tobaski, Easter, Koriteh and Christmas).
-Non deduction free months (due to high level expenses during these periods)during feasts as in above and school reopening periods for payment of school fees
-Maintain the Hajj and Rome pilgrimage packages for both staff and pensioners.
-Maintain Ramadan sugar gifts to lower level Staff (cleaners, Messengers and the security).

The weirdest thing about these “old good traditions” or motivational packages that affects the staff is the fact that Mr Manjang has a problem with the continuity of these but ironically, he got no issues or problems with his own “old good traditions” or simply his own motivational packages and these include:
– The procurement of a brand new vehicle for him as the new MD which the office did and he had no qualms about it. His own car was bought for a whopping D2.5 million Dalasis and remember, this is from pensioner’s fund as he is fond of saying.
– The allocation of a utility car for he MD’s private home specifically for his wife. He also accepted this offer from the office and never had qualms about it or raised the issue of austerity measures to curb “waste” as he called it.
-The procurement of a phone that he could buy from his own pocket and save the poor pensioners’ fund from depleting but again accepted to be bought a phone of his liking.
– The utilisation of the entertainment budget which is only for Staff welfare like annual parties and the institution’s corporate social responsibilities but never been used by any previous MD for their own private hotels use with their friends or family members. This is done by MD Manjang only. I will guess this is the biggest waste of the pensioners’ money.
– The maintenance of the MD’s internet facilities at his private house. He also got no issues about this as he could have stopped the office from doing that too and pay his house Internet service himself since he got enough money as he made us to believe in his Fatunetwork interview.
– There are quite a number of other “old good traditions” or facilities for the MD that are all free for him and are still maintained for him but he never had issues with those and accepted for the continuity of them.

So where as 90% of all the “old good traditions” or motivational packages that are for staff are not for free, that of Manjang as the MD are all free service. One would wonder how he could have qualms or issues with those that affect the staff and that which only serve as motivationally driven factors for them but he MD has virtually no issues with those that affect him and his family. Isn’t this awkward?


Let me again make it clear that while Manjang went on his shameless defense of his mess in that reply, he spinned every bit of information that he honestly owe to the public and I will help break them down for the understanding of the Gambian population even though am sure many knew it was full of fabrications and lies of the the highest scale.


The first  thing I would like to clear is that this  whole ACCA training program was meant and intended for Isha alone even though some guys warned him against the move as the consequences might be grave for him but he stubbornly defied them and told them it was only going to be a few days corridor talk and would die down. He perhaps forgot that we have long broken the shackles of dictatorship and the people are keenly watching every action of their leaders. He began the process with the girl and when staff became gradually aware of it and noise was made, he requested for another staff to be also brought in the fold and here is how Pa Yusu Gaye got nominated and it’s imperative for the people to know that these two did not even have the same number of years of sponsorship as Isha is sponsored for three years while Pa Yusu got sponsored for only two years.

Manjang in his shameless and fruitless defending of his gravious move to send an unconfirmed girl for a 3 year ACCA program and splashed 3 million Dalasis poor pensioners’ fund, has said that Isha was the most qualified person in the whole of the SSHFC Finance Department as she finished her CAT and was in fact on her ACCA Professional level but these claims were found to be nothing but fallacious utterances by the disgraced MD as per the attached results he posted online.

Manjang admitted to the fact that Isha never got confirmed on the job as had been rightly alluded to by the Staff Petition and remember when the journalist asked him in that Fatunetwork interview why he did not have Isha do her program locally and save the much needed cost, he lied that it was because if she was to do the the program here, she would not be able to get bonded. This is the biggest lie as all the SSHFC staff that got their degrees here at the UTG were all fully bonded and not even allowed to embark on their first sessions in class if their bonding process was not complete.

He also mentioned in his reply that there is no provision in the SSHFC Service Rules as to what number of years a staff has to serve in order to be eligible for overseas studies. It is indeed heart wrenching to know that after he claimed to have consulted the HR Department that tells Staff all these years that for one to be eligible for just local training, a staff has to serve a minimum of two years, this same HR Department never told him that Isha was not confirmed on the job yet and therefore wasn’t eligible for even local training talk less of overseas.


On 29th September, 2017, MD Manjang got clearance from the OP (State House) for a 3 days official trip to Senegal and he got approval from the presidency to be paid a 3 days perdiem allowance (see attached travel clearance). MD Manjang internally had to concoct a further 7 days trip to embark to Sierra Leone but never got a clearance for this from the OP. According to his narrative as per his reply to the Board, the host were to fully cover the cost of the trip and the office, wherein he was issued clearance by the OP,  was to pay him only half of his full night perdiem allowance on that basis but NO, he paid himself 230 pounds (full night allowance). Please find attached copies of perdiem paid for NOT only the 3 days Senegal trip but for 10 days including his concocted Sierra Leone trip that he got no clearance for.

Am now pretty sure that most Gambians would no agree that there was indeed a fraud of perdiem allowance. Manjang in his reply to the petition in one of his seemingly concocted emails wrote, “I am stuck in Dakar, I missed my flight due to unexpected traffic caused by an accident. I am trying to re-route but there seems to be no way doing that before before the tomorrow. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it and can’t even get back to Banjul until Wednesday”. LOL!!! Too cheap an excuse!!! This was the exact period Isha had concocted an exam leave and did travel to Dakar to have that cozy time with the disgraced MD Manjang at the Hotel Novotel in Dakar. This man really wasted poor pensioners’ fund. What I want to ask Manjang is these few questions:

– why didn’t his email capture a date and why didn’t he indicate in his reply which date this accident happened?

– Why didn’t his email capture the time this accident happened and why did he again fail to mention the time of this accident in his reply?

– Where in Dakar or Senegal or which part of Dakar had this accident happened and why didn’t he mention those very important details in his reply?

– Why informed only Haddy Cessay who is not part of Senior Management and not any other member of Management?

– How was it possible that he couldn’t request for one of the office drivers to come and collect him from Dakar with all the fleet of cars and the many drivers at his disposal but opted to only wait for the the next available flight back to Banjul?

MD Manjang since taking over the mantle of leadership of SSHFC had dismissed two very hardworking and dedicated staff (Omar Manjang and Musa Fatty) who served over 10 years in the job. The reason was attributed to their late retirement of D5,000 contribution money and frantic efforts were made by quiet many people for him to instead terminate their services so they would not lose their pension benefits but he being so heartless and insensitive, threw all those pleas in the appeal bin. These two poor gentlemen who were the breadwinners of their respective families were shocked beyond belief with the whole staff body.

So please let me know Gambians, why MD Manjang as the head of the institution must NOT be dismissed and prosecuted for stealing 7 (SEVEN) days perdiem allowance and wasting an air ticket of the value of over D45,000 if two junior Staff were actually dismissed and lost all their benefits for late retirement of D5,000 contribution money each???


*The office bought a brand new phone for MD Manjang (one of the old good traditions that affect him and that’s of benefit to him and therefore never got issues with but had issues with the sugar that’s bought for the poor cleaners and watchmen during Ramadan) for a whopping 999 pounds (almost D65,000). After barely two months, Manjang had claimed that the phone was damaged but the bizzare thing about this narration of his is that he never produced the damaged phone at any point in time and I would think a phone of that huge sum would be replaced with a blink of an eye as there was to be a warranty for it.

Fortunately for us living in this part of our world, nothing is hidden as those you do good things for most often than not talk about it or expose you to their friends and acquaintances. Awa Camara and others of the Finance Department who were so close to Isha Bayo were told about the phone that was bought from poor pensioners’ fund and handed to Isha. In one of their usual jokes while showing the phone to Awa, Isha joked sarcastically to Awa about the disgraced MD Manjang’s phone gift to her, “kotoyu nyaaka faida yi, lunj nyu joh nyu jel”. Manjang must be in jail by now for really lying to Gambians and taking advantage of the poor pensioners and Gambian tax payers.

*Manjang is truly a liar you can never find anywhere in this country. In his reply to the Board that he sent to the Fatunetwork to gain more sympathy from his remaining gullible minds on Facebook, he lied to his teeth that he never used any of the Entertainment budget in 2017 when he actually had spent D43,784.85 (check PVs and their dates) on his foolish dinners and flamboyant living at the Coco Ocean and there are more of these bills that are not included here. Is this man not truly sick??? No MD in SSHFC’s 37 year history ever wasted poor pensioners’ fund like he did.

In one of the paid receipts for dinner is Mariama Manjang, his wife. What does his wife’s hotel bills got to do with the poor pensioners’ fund that he is lying to be protecting? I guess even H.E. Barrow does not have this luxury.

Manjang is too greedy and does not in anyway know what this Entertainment budget is NOT meant for the MD’s own private use with his wife and family or friends/girlfriends. This budget is STRICTLY for staff welfare issues, instances where the office has guests to entertain during ceremonies or events organized by the institution and towards SSHFC’s Corporate Social Responsibilities. Ironically, Manjang as dumb and greedy as he is, thought this is heaven for him and would spend this money as he pleased. No other MD had ever been as wasteful as Manjang and he is surely the worst Managing Director SSHFC has ever had.

*On internet payment that the office does for him at his home, I would have thought he was going to reject that as he is on a reform and on austerity measures. He is rich as he had made us to believe so I see no reason why he cannot pay that bill from his own pocket and spare the poor pensioners’ funds. Manjang is truly fake?


Going by Jamal’s wages (D45,000) that the office pays him every month and the sensitivity of the contract awarded to him, one could safely conclude that he was appointed under the most senior management cadre of the institution. He Manjang had no authority, without the Board’s approval and consent to appoint anyone on this basis and this is the very reason why the indefatigable and principled Deputy Director of Audit Dept, Momodou Camara had a push and pull with him and he MD Manjang had to finally invite him to his office and kind of bully him into submission to his whims and caprices as he knows that this is nothing but a scam and an opportunity to milk the coffers. He is clearly culpable here too.


Here is where he manifested his true insolence, arrogance and dictatorship over all Directors of the institution. He cited balance and competence as a reason in his single-handed appointment of his friend, Mr Tambedou of GPA into the SSHFC Trust Bank Board seat but this is nothing but his disingenuity and usual terrible distortion of facts. Won’t it be foolhardy to fall for his innuendoes and gimmicks based on this narrative given the vast pool of talents among the Directors and Senior Management of the SSHFC?

With regards to the other Board Seats in SSHFC’s remaining Shareholding Entities, the disgraced MD Manjang fallaciously cited the awaiting of the Board for appointments into those positions. One would be tempted to therefore ask the question why he did not wait for the Board in the appointment of Tambedou. Again, his lies and plans to have his friends fill all the other Board Seats is unmasked here. Manjang is truly cunning and dangerous!


This is in respect of appointment of Mrs Rohey Colley as his PA. You see, Manjang can lie so much. There was an internal advertisement of this post and it was strictly meant for the Confidential Secretaries within the institution to fill and criteria has been set. The main criteria for the post were age not above 45 years and experience of course. Manjang however flouted the age criteria and appointed his long time friend from outside of the office, a 58 year old woman, Mrs Rohey Colley and sidelined all SSHFC’s young, competent and highly experienced PAs. Here is a man who says that the institution is over bloated but will still add on to the over bloated Staff population. What an irony!!!


Saikou Sanneh has ever been a controversial figure at SSHFC for so long a time. He was dismissed at some point before the change of government for failing his program of study he was sponsored and sent to do in the UK. It is firmly believed that he is related to the former Finance Minister, Amadou Sanneh and when this government came into being, Saikou got reinstated. He was thereafter sent on secondment to GTSC.

While away at the GTSC, his office at SSHFC was locked and left unoccupied up to this time when there is a serious office space problem in SSHFC. One would therefore wonder why and how a level headed head of an institution could find it difficult to decide on making this office available for those staff that find it hard to be seated comfortably in a conducive Office environment. He is clearly culpable here as well.


Sirra Foon and Aji Yamundow Jagne were the two SSHFC Staff that were sent together to go and study Actuarial Science on a 7 year program. They studied, graduated and both came back together. While in America, they were both on full scholarship by the office just like any other staff member that are sent for overseas studies. Sirra is so close to the MD and presently works in the office while Aji Yamundow Jagne is on secondment at the GTSC.

It had never happened in the history of the corporation for a staff to be sent for studies overseas and the same staff to turn around and claim for unpaid medical insurance. Sirra Foon, it’s understood, had put in a claim for refund during the former MDs, Gibba and Graham’s tenure for her to be paid this money but was categorically and clearly turned down by the two MDs their reason being genuinely premised on the fact that it is incorporated into their monthly stipend payments just like it is done for any other staff that is sent for overseas studies.

Manjang was, for whatever reason and intent, cajoled into payment of this illegal refund (Over D400,000) to Sirra Foon without Aji Yamundow Jagne been put into the picture. When Aji Yamundow later realized or heard about this illegal payment through her former colleagues at the office (SSHFC), she also put in her own claim for refund of her medical insurance which Manjang has claimed he has been reviewing for over 12 weeks. Something definitely not right here as one would again wonder how and why it should take Manjang that hard a task to refund Aji Yamundow Jagne who together with Sirra went to study the same  program for the same number of years. In fact, it is understood that it was Aji Yamundow Jagne who made made full payment of her medical insurance while Sirra paid for only one year of her stay in the U.S. Perhaps he struck a deal with Sirra for him also to be paid half of the amount paid to Sirra Foon. Manjang is truly dangerous and capable of anything since he is bold enough to steal perdiem allowance for a trip he got no approval for from the OP.


DMD and three other Director Positions have not been filled for close to one year or more since their previous occupants retired from the services of the corporation for reasons best known to him and there has been growing suspicion that he wants to give them out to his hand picked friends just like he did with his PA vacant position that he handed to his friend, Mrs Rohey Colley.

This is SSHFC for you Gambians, been malhandled and maladministered by a fake and pseudo professional and a so called technocrat in Manjang. He is a certified liar, very corrupt, notoriously cunning and a very  dangerous professional criminal. He lied about Isha’s ACCA qualifications, lied about his perdiem theft and also wildly lied about not spending from the Entertainment budget in 2017.

SSHFC staff have ever been known for excellence in hardwork, discipline and dedication to duty towards the Gambian Nation and her peoples’ development. Manjang messed up himself and threw the staff under the bus demeaning them and subjecting them to all kinds of insults and retributive remarks. He did this only to gain sympathy and support from the public.

It is imperative to know that SSHFC’s coffers have been drained heavily by Yahya Jammeh and the Staff were not in anyway complicit to that looting and therefore cannot be apportioned that blame as everyone knows the terrible state of affairs of our country then.

It may be of interest to readers and indeed all Gambians to find attached copy of commendation letter written to all Directors by the disgraced MD commending all Staff for their hardwork and dedication in seeing a surge in the corporation’s overall profit margin. What a double standard and hypocrisy of a MD who couple of days earlier replied to the staff petition to the Board highly retributive of these same staff just to gain more support from the public but forgot that the public cannot safe him from this mess he created for himself.



Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent position of this medium. Mr. Manjang is more than welcome to respond to the content of the author’s report. Thanks for your attention.

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