I will also add my voice to the tidal waves of condemnation over the president’s decision to build 60 mosques. The smartest and super loyal advisers of Adama Barrow need to advise him to switch and reverse course over his intention and decision to build 60 mosques. The optics are bad and will only signal a disregard of our religious secularity.
With this wrong thinking, our Christian brothers and sisters and those practicing other faiths who have pledged their faith to Adama Barrow will certainly be lost in desire and feel cool about the new president’s pronouncement.
If you look at the economy and the general direction of the country, one could see many lapses that desperately needs fixing. The president isn’t elected to build mosques, but to help make life better for people.
The impetuous decision of mosque building is a course that needs reversing if not, the president will precipitate a vigorous natural alliances against himself and many people especially those from other faiths will turn away from him and conjoin themselves with the opposition. This is something that you will not want Mr President.
I’ll conclude by indicating, that mosque building is a glaring optical mistake, and you have to walk back on it and reposition yourself to implementing reforms the country desperately cries out loud for. Leave religious matters to the Islamic council and Christian council and work toward fulfilling your campaign promises.
Thank you..
By Samba P Jallow
GDC Diaspora Secretary and Social Media Affairs.
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