Hi Pa Ndery
My name is Youssouf SANE I am a journalist in SENEWEB (Senegal). We were working on your info about the blood bags sold by Senegal. Here, the National Blood Transfusion Center has denied the information.
We would like to have your reaction on this information but also to have contact from the health authorities of The Gambia related to this case.
Thank you and I remain at your disposal

Thanks Mr. Sane for reaching out to us. I made numerous phone calls to the phone number you provided above, but the calls went on voicemail.

For the record: We never reported that the Gambian government ordered blood bags from Senegal’s National Blood Transfusion Center. We interviewed Mr. Momodou Lamin Jammeh, the Spokesman of the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul, who told us that an order was placed in Senegal to purchase blood bags for the hospital. Jammeh never mentioned the National Blood Transfusion Center of Senegal during the interview we had with him and was published on the Freedom Newspaper.
As we speak, I have been informed by Mr. Jammmeh in a followup interview, that the ordered blood bags from Senegal, have arrived in the Gambia. He said the blood bags were purchased from private pharmaceutical owners in the Senegal. In other words, he said, the blood bags were purchased from private business owners in Senegal and not the government owned National Blood Transfusion Center. He also said the blood bag stock ordered from Senegal, is going to last for three months.
For more on the story, I refer you to this Sound-Cloud link.  You will hear Spokesman Jammeh confirming the arrival of the ordered blood bags from Senegal.  Do not hesistate to contact us, if you need further clarification on the story.
Pa Nderry M’Bai,
Managing Editor Freedom Newspaper
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