MoBSE should take full responsible for  students’ consolidated Mass Failures in exams.

It is so disturbing and disheartening  to read the  West African Examination  Council- Gambia’s press release, 2018 indicating the dismal and wasteful performance of students from the  Gambia. The ministry of  Basic and  secondary(MoBSE) should take full responsible for this  as  they  lack proper leadership, coordination, and administrative capacities necessary to direct our educational system  in  the right path that will guarantee quality and help improve, consolidate and strengthen our slow developmental processes characterised by misplaced priorities that never deliver results .

For example, the  Coordinating  Committee’s meeting (CCM) an annually event which attracts many stakeholders  to asses quality education, environmental, and teaching and learning and conditions of schools amongst  others now becomes wasteful and money grabbing event for participants who are not only well fed, or driven by expensive cars, but goes home with  fat allowances. What those CCM achieve since established  and those their work translate into quality education?. CCM do not only play roles of clusters monitors  who represent regional director / directorate , but wast the moneys that should be use to buy sufficient teaching and learning materials especially for schools in the country side such  as prescribed literally text approved by WAEC is almost  killing the study of English-Literature and partly contributes to the increase failure in English Language.

In addition, MoBSE ‘s almost  zero motivation of teachers contributes the  teaches’ ineffectiveness. Motivation  of staff contributes to the fine  and efficient delivery services in successful institution, but  as I write never see or hear any initiative my  MoBSE that motivates teachers.  Teachers’salaries and allowances need to  be reviewed  to make sure that they are paid and on time. Teacher trainees especially  those in the hardships school should be paid to avoid stress  and other psychological related problems. This will promote their performance and professional development.

The  MoBSE despite established Regional Educational Directorates  representative MoBSE, teaches  in all regions always rush to the  ministry for their  pay slips, which  undermines their work  especially  teacher  in  the farthest  region  from  Banjul. Look, we  are in a digital world ; the ministry  could have channel it  to  the  regional education directorate to avoid the painful and stressful journeys to  Banjul.

Scarcity of teaching and learning materials  also contributes  to  the dismal performance  of students and MoBSE should be  blamed  for it.  It is so  sad to  learn that most schools especially in provincial Gambia lacks relevant  teaching  and learning materials such  as prescribed literally text approved  by  WAEC and simple scientific apparatus even  at college and university level were teachers  and  trained.

All aforementioned  problems and  challenges and faced  by Faced  by  both  students and  teachers  played a part in the students mass failures in  exams are  cause by lack of oraginsed  leadership, and coordination by MoBSE.

MoBSE should  reorganise themselves and review this policies to restore Gambian’s torn credibility in  the  international  academic  environment.

Written By Alieu Badjie

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