Man Serve Jail Time in Savage Beatings of Wife;

 Because Her Infidelity “Dishonored” Him!!!

Alagi Yorro Jallow

Beating a woman over a piece of food or mosquito net not simply a case of a man “taking food and mosquito net too seriously.” It is a case of the cheapness of women’s lives and a case of domestic violence. Those who understand domestic abuse know that any smallest thing is an excuse for brutalizing women, and criminals are protected by society trivializing it as taking things too seriously and laughing it off. This woman’s beatings were a case of abused.

What’s this nonsense of pleading to courts that you’re the family’s sole bread winner so they should not jail you. I’m liking the prosecutor and counsel representing Ndèye Coumba Diop. Domestic and gender-based violence is an epidemic. People like Bara Sow who beat the living daylights out of his wife Ndèye Coumba Diop and it was caught on camera should be made an example of. There’s absolutely no excuse of unleashing violence on any woman, not least the mother to be of your child. What I like most about this case is the swift nature of justice. The video came out and within weeks, the culprit, Bara Sow apprehended in the Gambia, arraigned before the courts in Mbacke gets at least convicted for 2 years three months in prison. In addition to this conviction, Bara Sow will have to pay his wife Ndeye Coumba Diop (aged only 16 years) $1,767 by way of damages in addition to a fine of $176.72. However, in his defense Bara Sow sought to justify himself by accusing Ndeye of infidelity.

Domestic violence in our society continues to rear its ugly head. The case of Ndèye Coumba Diop, a young lady whose body parts has been lacerated after her husband mutilated her back ostensibly with electric wires because of a quarrel regarding to mosquito net, is a sad one that questions the extent to which governments and relevant authorities have gone in ensuring domestic violence comes to an end. There is no shortage of laws that guarantee women their rights and dignity as equal citizens of any country, but to what extent have they been effective? In the case of Ndèye Coumba Diop and many other women who suffer in silence, the provisions of the Protection Against Domestic Violence Acts globally must be made to bear. This Act of Parliament provides for the protection and relief of victims of domestic violence, be it the spouse, children or dependents. Stiffer penalties and punishment must be meted out to men who propagate domestic violence for whatever reasons, especially considering that if there are disputes in the family, there are legal and alternative dispute resolution methods of handling such issues. There is no excuse for inflicting grievous harm on a spouse over issues they may have no control over. The need for sensitization cannot be over-emphasized.

Now can we deal with all those pedophiles who prey on teenager girls desperate for school fees and have to have sex with men old enough to be their grandfathers in order to go to school? The worst culprits are some unscrupulous and shoddy politician and senior government civil servants pretending that they’re out there working for the people, yet they totally abuse their position and commit statutory rape every single day. For what the Association of Female lawyers in Senegal, the women’s right activists, feminist groups and the Prosecutor General must be commended for a job well done.

 Lawyers representing Ndèye Coumba Diop request a sentence of between 1 and 5 years, in addition to a fine of $883.65 and damages of $8,836 for Ndèye Coumba Diop.

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