Former minister of youth and sports should shut up and leave our football alone


Former minister of youth and sports should shut up and leave our football alone

It has come to my knowledge that the brouhaha in our football heading to the elections is been electrified thanks to the involvement of the former minister of youth and sports Alieu K. Jammeh, the current solicitor general Cherno Marena and Marcel Mendy the executive director on the sports council.

I will tell you how this three people are helping the current GFF executive to clinch on power after doing more harm than good to our football.

The former Minister of youth and sports Alieu K. Jammeh is doing everything to help his brother BakaryK. Jammeh who is vying for a position (1st vice president) in the upcoming GFF election. Alieu paid a visit to the current minister Hadrammeh Sidibeh and poisoned his mind that elections should go ahead on the 18th and threatened the minister about a FIFA ban if the elections don’t go ahead as plan by the GFF. This said man (Alieu Jammeh) during his time as minister of youth and sports in Jammeh’s days, was the architect of all the problems our football is currently facing. He was the very one who took out Seedy Kinteh’s regime with his then PS Mam Mbanick Njie when they lied to Yahya Jammeh about many untrue stories forcing Seedy Kinteh to resign.  When Mustapha Kebbeh and his regime came to the GFF, they use Marcel Mendyand Ebou Secka at the NSC to destroy Kebbeh’sregime because they sat on the CAF rules that was sent to the FF during the normalization committee about the under 20 qualifiers and waited until the federation registered their players for the U:20 qualifiers and were supposed to play Liberia. They sent Ebou Secka to Liberia who toke the files of the over age players registered for the competition so that immediately after the game, Liberia can appeal against the Gambia. Kebbeh and his executive were detain by the police in Banjul and after doing their investigation and conclusion, a report was passed by the police for EbouSecka and Marcel Mendy to be prosecuted but Cherno Marena is still sitting on that document.

We also know that Alieu K. Jammeh the former minister of youth and sports is a friend to the current minister of youth and sports Hadrammeh Sidebeh thus the GFF are using him to go and poisoned the minister’s mine so that he can favor the current GFF. Alieu Jammeh should be ashamed of himself and stay away from our football because he has done enough damage to the country’s football development.

Alieu Jammeh we know that you followed president Barrow during his tour so that he can appoint you as a PS at the ministry of youth and sports and that failed because the president was informed before you even arrived. The president even said in one of his speech during the tour that there are people following him to get a job and advised them to follow the appropriate channel. He was referring to people like you Alieu K. Jammeh

Marcel Mendy you have to be very careful because we know what you are doing and the double standard you are playing in this current saga. You escape prosecution and you are now helping your friends (GFF) to also escape. We know that you accompanied the GFF to the ministry before team Malick Sillah arrived on Thursday. Anything discussed at the level of the sports council, you immediately leaked it to the GFF before the letter is even written. Your days at the NSC are numbered Marcel trust me. You will sink with the GFF soon.

Are you surprise that the AG Chambers wrote a letter distancing themselves from the decision of the NSC? The Solicitor General at the AG Chambers Cherno Marena is the legal adviser and head of the appeals committee of the GFF (DOUBLE STANDARD).

The GFF executive paid a visit to the speaker of the National Assembly we also know about that but we are watching carefully.

Cherno Marena you should be very careful as the authorities know the double standard and the protecting game you are playing. Instead of respecting your office and play a neutral role, you are citing with one camp for your own selfish interest. 

Alieu K. Jammeh you are lucky and should be celebrating that you are allowed to work in this new government after all your bad deeds during the former regime. We all know the bad and selfish role you played in killing our hay days in football. You are among those who instigated the sacking of Paul Put, Gambia’s favorite coach ever, you removed Seedy Kinteh, Gambia’s most successful FA boss ever and worst of all you divided and brought hate in our football fraternity.

Honorable Minister Hadrammeh Sidibeh, you are new in that position and you need to be very careful with this selfish people you are listening to. You need advices but not from every tom dick and harry.  They are all misleading you. 

Marcel Mendy I repeat, your days are numbered in that office.

Cherno Marena you are smarter than this so don’t allowed to be fool cheaply after knowing what you’ve been through recently.

Alieu K. Jammeh shut up and concentrates on your university lectures and stay away from our football as you are a shame to our football.

After both the police and the AG Chambers acknowledge that the GFF willfully refused to withhold tax, why should they be allowed to run our football again? 

Why should we allow a person who built a local toilet for 1.5 million dalasis to still continue running our football?

This current GFF executive is the worst executive ever in the history of the country. Four (4) solid good years we cannot even win a single competitive game at senior level. No national team been it U:17, U:20, U:23 or senior national team both male and female manage to qualify for CAF or FIFA tournament during Kabba Bajo’s four year term

FIFA have pumped in Five (5) million Dollars (three hundred million dalasis D300.000.000) since Kabba Bajo and his team came to office four years ago. Where and how did they spend that entire amount? What have we achieved?

They are currently forcing the situation for elections to be held on the 18th of August so that before Algeria comes on the 9th of September to shame us again on home soil, they will already be in office by then.

The stakeholders are not ready to go to the polls on the 18th of August because there are lots of hiding facts that are coming out now and until then, there will be no elections on the 18th of August. 

The football loving youths are ready to do anything it takes to make sure elections will not take place on the 18th of August so president Barrow please take note.

President Adama Barrow is not sleeping and knows everything that is going on thus he won’t allow thieves and selfish people who only think of their pockets than the nation to run our football again.

No more corrupt officials running in our football

No more government officials using their office to help their friends and hide the truth.

Our football should be run by competent people who know the game and can bring us positive results both home and away.

Gambia should be competing in the AFCONs by now.

We are tired of supporting other nations.

By: A concerned football stakeholder

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