The International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation, a member of Islamic Development Bank Group, has signed a framework agreement granting $ 210 million for a three-year term to the Republic of Gambia, the Freedom Newspaper can report. The agreement, according to the Saudi press agency “aims to support main economic sectors including energy and agriculture.”

The $210 million dollars funds were secured in January of 2018. Though, the Barrow government hasn’t made any announcement to that regard to inform The Gambian population about the existence of such funds being extended to the country by the Saudi Islamic Trade Finance Corporation.

Over the weekend, the Gambian Government claimed that it had secured funding from anonymous Saudi philanthropists to extend financial help to The Gambian pilgrims to Mecca. Each pilgrim was given about $135 dollars. Over eleven million dalasis were shared among the pilgrims. The pilgrims were asked to pray for President Barrow.  


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