Gambia: EX SG Pa Musa Jallow Reacts To “Baba Galleh Jallow’s Banal Misinterpretation Of The Constitution.”


Dear Mr Mbai:

I want to react and express my dismay with the casual and banal misinterpretation of the clause that makes it the duty of all citizens to defend the Constitution by none other than Dr Baba G. Jallow. His implicit endorsement of insurrection is unacceptable and untenable and as we seek to reconcile, we all have a duty to tread a careful path because above all, the Gambian egg is still on the rocks and we all have a duty of care. We owe a peaceful country and environment to our old, children and families.

I also wrote on Truth and Reconciliation in Sep 2017 that I hope will be considered.

Pa Musa Jallow

Aghast at the statement that insurrection is condoned by the 1997 Constitution by none other than the Executive Secretary of the TRRC. ..

Smh and God Help us..

No, insurrection is not legal or legitimate and the tools for defending the Constitution are with the National Assembly as direct representatives of the people and the Judiciary and the President can be impeached and if all that fails, the People get to decide in elections that are mandatory every 5 years.

Insurrection is unconstitutional, conspiring with foreign powers to effect regime change is treason. Perverting the course of justice carries a life sentence.

Efforts to delegitimize 1997 Constitution also delegitimize the Barrow Presidency.

The ends do not justify the means.. or one legitimizes every evil and wrong doing on the surface of the planet.

Hypocrisy is a vice and the worst sin…

The Gambia and all victims deserve better and deserve a fair and just system not Terri Kafo or yamanehhization… Cronyism and clientelism


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