Has Aisah Bayo, relocated from her old address in Ghana?


Has Aisah Bayo, relocated from her old address in Ghana? Reports reaching this medium suggests that the embattled SSHFC worker, who was sent to Ghana by the suspended SSHFC boss Muhammed Manjang to pursue her ACCA studies  in Accounting, has relocated to an unknown destination. It is not clear if Ms. Bayo has relocated to a new address in Ghana.

SSFC insiders who are displeased with Manjang’s managerial style have claimed that Ms. Bayo might have allegedly abandoned her studies to travel to the United States. Though the veracity of such claims could not be independently verified.

Aisha Bayo has been in the news for a while was. She is one of the newest hires at the SSHFC. With less than one year on the job, she was reportedly handpicked by MD Manjang to pursue her ACCA studies in Accra, Ghana. The Corporation spends over D3 million dalasis on her studies. She was also bonded by Manjang.

Manjang’s decision was greeted by a strong opposition by the staff. Staffers at the SSHFC had since petitioned The Gambian authorities protesting Manjang’s decision. They accused Manjang of alleged corruption, abuse of office, and nepotism. Manjang has denied the charges. He in turn accuses the aggrieved staff of falsely disparaging his reputation.

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