Is TRRC Baba Galleh The Commission or Creation of TRRC Act ?


Is TRRC Baba Galleh The Commission or Creation of TRRC Act ?

By   Alagie Mustafa  Jallow

Please allow me space in your widely read medium to comment on the above for the purpose of public interest by clearing doubt between personality and public institutions, including the TRRC is established by an act of the National Assembly of the Gambia.

Its rather would be rather unfortunate and great disservice to the Gambia and the world at large, especially victims of Jammeh’s regime, which inspired the establishment of the TRRC, for an individual entrusted with its operation could not draw  a line between public institution and personality occupying the space therein based on competence and merit

The supremacy of Rule of Law continuous to be the hallmark of any democratic system of governance across the globe on the basis of equality of all before the law, equal treatment and fairness according to the law as per Articles 10, 5 and others contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948.

Constitutional Supremacy is pronounced and will surely continue to dominate every constitutional system of government in the world, including the Gambia, as contained in section 4 of 1997 Constitution. This supreme law of the land also provided for equality of all before the law, equal treatment and fairness in accordance with the law, as per  section 24 therein and others, especially those touching on fundamental  rights and freedom of all (chapter 4) from sections 17 to 33 of the cited constitution.

Appointments into the TRRC must be based on merit, competence, qualification and professionalism in line with the above cited laws and those not mention on similar provisions at both local, regional and international level, otherwise it would defeat the purpose for its establishment and such is likely to the case for this TRRC, as far as Baba Galleh continue to be consumed by anger, political impressionism, who could not distinguish personality from public institution.

Anger, the desire to revenge, corruption and unfair treatment of others, have no space in this modern day Gambia trading on the above supremacy of Rule of Law and Constitutional Supremacy. It is either you perform your duties and responsibilities in accordance with mandates of the office or you quit for greater interest and welfare of the public.

These above ills have very dangerous impacts on lives, properties and welfare of people of any given country and this manifested under Jammeh, which brought the country on its knees as no sector was spared.

The Jammeh leadership has no respect for education, knowledge, skills and expertise as far as appointments into public institutions are concerned, was the receipt for his down fall at December 1st 2016 Presidential elections, as such we cannot afford to have replica of such deliberate and flat lack of respect for education, knowledge, qualification and professionalism in any of the public institutions, including the TRRC.

How can Baba Galleh sat on applications of qualified applicants for reasons best known to him and be selective in appointments into the various alleged vacancies to have existed at the TRRC, when they were already meant for selective few based on reasons known to the so called committee responsible.

What will then be the  point of establishing the commission that is assigned to look into alleged atrocities to have been committed by the Jammeh regime characterized by corruption and others ills, when the composition of the very commission is corrupted to the core.

Why Baba Galleh is still angry and for what to the extent of denying qualified, competent and experienced Gambians of the opportunity to serve the country. All Gambians were victims of jammeh’s atrocities in one way or the other, thus no room for anyone to exhibit and vent that anger on any innocence Gambiannto wanting to contribute towards sustainable development of the country in various capacities.

TRRC is a product of spirit, desire and commitment to have national reconciliation, hence its officers cannot and should not be seen practicing corruption and be hiding in the name of professionalism. It is common sense that his perceived anger over corrupt regime of Jammeh was corruption practice, therefore he cannot also be seen to practice the same corrupt practices, which will attract similar anger and outrage from others, especially his victims (qualifies applicants to serve the nation not his personality) by sitting on their applications for no justifiable reason.

This will further beg the question as to the purpose of setting up a commission composed of corrupted personalities, persons consumed with anger or conflicted personalities. Where will this leave victims of Jammeh, the spirit of newly found democracy trading on the rule of law and constitutional supremacy.

Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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