The Gambia is an interesting country. Her citizens are good at creating monsters, and dictators. Very few people genuinely speak truth to power. Some will only see the wrongdoing or shortcomings of the government if their bread and butter meal is taken away from them or threatened by the status quo.

President Adama Barrow ascended into the Presidency unprepared. He also lacks what it takes to steer the affairs of the country. That is public knowledge.

Hence, many within the administration think that it is alright to exploit the leadership void in today’s Gambia, in pursuance of their own selfish interest. And they are succeeding big time.

The sacking of Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang, Gambia’s former Vice President, has ushered a new breed of opposition against Barrow’s government. This is evident on the recent alleged corruption leaks involving the First Lady’s Foundation. There is more to the noise behind the Foundation scandal.

The incident happened in 2017, but it came to light after the resignation of two prominent FABB Board Members: Fatim Badjie and Alpha Barry. Fatim’s Dad Dembo Badjie, Gambia’s former Ambassador to China, is a close friend of Ousainou Darboe of the UDP party, while Alpha Barrow, is the son of the sacked Vice President Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang.

Ms. Tambajang was instrumental in setting up the FABB Foundation. Her son Alpha Barry was among the Board Members of the FABB Foundation, but he has since resigned from the Foundation for reasons best known to him.

Barry is also the Board Chairman of The Gambia Ports Authority. He still retains that portfolio. He also doubles as the Board Chairman of Standard Chattered Bank Gambia Limited.

Making a quick scan of the Foundation scandal, one can notice that those actively pursuing the matter, are within the UDP diaspora camp, Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang’s  “ discrete surrogates” living in the diaspora, and  some sincere and genuine Gambians, who do not harbor any grudges against the First Lady and her Foundation.

The latter, do not have any dog fight in the alleged corruption scandal. They are merely doing what is right—that’s to hold the Foundation accountable. But in the case of the UDP and FJT’s Camp, we sincerely question their motives and involvement in this matter.

Out of the numerous corruption scandals uncovered in Barrow’s administration by the Freedom Newspaper and other news outlets, the FABB Foundation was the one that interests them. The FABB story is the one that stood out;; out of the lot. This speaks volume.

The mysterious D33 million dalasi found at the FABB Foundation bank account, is one of many corruption scandals hunting the regime. But smart and patriotic Gambians can differentiate the genuine and fake out of the lot. You cannot effectively fight corruption when you are engage in cherry-picking. Stop the cherry-picking!

No one is making the proposition or suggestion that Alpha Barry and Fatim Badjie have anything to do with the current leak at the FABB Foundation, but the truth be told, their resignations to some degree raises doubts. Any good analyst can connect the dots. Gambians rarely leak information. They only do, if they feel that it will serve a purpose.

President Adama Barrow and his family are being undermined by the very people, who aided and abetted them in their new quest for material world and financial possession.

There will be more leaks to come. The FABB Foundation scandal is just the beginning.

For Alpha Barry, if he can resign from the FABB Board, why can he do us a favor and resign from The Gambia Port Authority? He will never resign! The GPA is a financial basket; and he is very aware of that.

President Barrow is currently negotiating with the Chinese to lease them our Port. That is why he has replaced Mr. Tambadou, the erstwhile MD of the GPA.

Tambadou is on record for having refused to be lured into awarding of the Port expansion project to the China Bridge Corporation Company without competitive bidding. Board Chairman Alpha Barry and his colleagues have decided to toe the State House line.

Adama Barrow is not a smart leader. He is obvious in his alleged “thievery and backroom deals.” The former VP’s planted agents are watching. They will leak the Port project among others at the right time. Watch the space.

By Keeping Them Honest!

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