The world’s greatest betrayers are often smiling, apparently harmless or even laughable people. Like Hitler, Mussolini, Tony Blair, to name a few and of course our home grown Yaya Jammeh. They come with smiling words or great words and ideas, but the damage they do lasts for generations after them. Yaya of course being the closest to Gambian knowledge and memory.

Yaya started as totally incompetent and unfit to be a president. He was a bad and undisciplined soldier who made people laugh when he said he would become president. Gambia cried many bitter tears under his rule, and he has destroyed our country. NONE  is laughing about Yaya today.

Adama Barrow looked an unlikely candidate for the presidency, but was elected as a coalition candidate with a short term mandate of three years. So far he has:-

  • Betrayed his promise to stay for 3 years
  • Betrayed the coalition who put him in power
  • Betrayed the UDP on whose platform he was elected.
  • Is now betraying the Gambia and future generations in to the grasping hands of China’ FROM WHICH THERE IS NO RETURN OR ESCAPE.

Alagi Yorro Jallow’s article summarizes the danger of accepting Chinese “investment” in a most excellent manner. China’s current ambition is to become a major global economic and military power replacing the US, Europe and Russia. This week Russia and China are having joint “war games” in Eastern Russia – the biggest since the end of the cold war. They involve 300,000 soldiers thousands of aircraft, ships, tanks etc. The purpose? They are flexing their muscles and practicing for world war. Just like Hitler and the Nazi’s in the 1930’s. The world watched and did nothing until he invaded Poland in 1939 and the Second World war kicked off.

China’s strategy is two fold, like most empire builders. The arm of trade and the arm of military domination. Trade comes first. Get your enemy so indebted to you, then begin to buy him out when he cannot pay and eventually dominate his country completely. America is so indebted to China (who have bought up their treasury bonds etc) that it can never pay the trillions of dollars owed. If China wanted they could make the American economy collapse tomorrow but they choose not to for the time being.

China’s Africa strategy is different, as Pa Yorro explained very clearly. To lend money for development with the expectation that it will not be paid, allowing them to take greater control of the economy and then politically, preferably under a dictator. Unlike the West there will be no forgiveness of “third world debt”. They will get their pound of flesh, and more and more. It’s a little known fact that Mngagwa, current president of Zimbabwe, visited China just before his palace coup. It looks like he had to get permission from China to remove Mugabe. Is this independence? 10 years from now will Gambia’s intending leader have to fly to China to get permission to overthrow the dictator?

The Chinese are not new in Gambia and they have a visible track record. In the early 1980’s they were trying to lobby support to be admitted to the UN. They offered “”aid” for votes. Taiwan had the UN China seat and they wanted it. Their strategy was to offer aid to African countries willing to vote for their admission. The Jawara regime played off Taiwan and China against each other taking offers from both sides. Taiwan offered cash with no strings, which was happily accepted. This is why the Junta approached Taiwan after the 1994 coup and were given $35 million, unless I’m mistaken. China offered the Jawara government aid projects, notably the stadium at Bakau, which was less welcome but accepted anyway.

In building the stadium very few Gambians were employed above laborers and drivers. They brought in all their own people, materials and even vehicles. After finishing the stadium, they left their people to set up a construction company which then earned them back the money invested in the stadium. This set a pattern which should be noted. They are very sharp investors even with a “free” aid package. Chinese business or investment is never win win, but heads I win and tails you lose. They are always the winners, by fair means or foul. Europe is learning this the hard way. They take your products steal the technology, then produce their own and sell it back to you at great profit. They have no regard for copyright, not do they pay royalties. Golden Lead is just the tip of the iceberg. Gambia should expect many more ruthless and polluting industries from China. Even the agricultural “self-sufficiency” projects are ultimately for their home market. Just like the way they take our fish leaving nothing for our local fishermen. They haven’t and will not change.

For all his evil ways, Jammeh was very smart when dealing with the external powers. He took their money (which was wrong) but never delivered Gambia into their control. He maintained external security as he did national security. Not that we would wish him back. Barrow has not only failed our national security, but is cheerfully selling us into Chinese domination. The evidence is clear for all but the willfully blind to see. What are he and Zeinab mark 2 doing in China? They are selling the soul of the Gambia into slavery and oppression for generations to come.

Barrow is a betrayer by nature, as we have seen in the last 18 months. He’s not even a “smart” political operator, and seems to be a puppet being moved by hidden hands. Like Jammeh in the hands of Zeinab, he seems to be manipulated by wife no 2 FBB. Is she the real power behind his presidency in collusion with other self perpetuating enablers?

What ever the case, his government is selling Gambia’s sovereignty right now this moment.

Left to the Barrow government, say goodbye to independence, democracy, human rights and progress for the Gambian people. One day in the not too distant future the Gambian flag could have first a small Chinese flag, then replace the Gambian flag. Africa has been here before, when our ancestors sold their own people as slave in return for rum, guns and glass beads. It’s happening again. Why are our leaders so short sighted and greedy?

If Gambia is to escape destruction, the Barrow government needs to be stopped right now. If we had a functioning National Assembly they should refuse to ratify these deals and impeach him right now, but this will not happen. Like 10 dollar whores they have been bought off each with a pick up truck and the perks of office and will remain silent. What a great betrayal of their electors. Chay Gambia!

I wonder what Senegal thinks of Barrow?

Written By Boor Sine, Kamak Kumba Ndoffene Joof.

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