Coalition government officials secretly loaned themselves money as soon as they took over power from dictator Jammeh, this medium can reveal. At least, one or two Ministers, who benefited from the secret loan have confirmed the existence of such a loan.

The monies that were loaned to the Coalition officials never reflected into the budget that was presented before the National Assembly by the former Finance Minister Amadou Sanneh. Its source was also not disclosed to The Gambian public.

This medium can authoritatively report that two fired Ministers benefited from the said loan. They also never finished paying their loan to the government at the time of their firing.

We hope the Barrow State House will come forward with information about the said secret loans that were extended to the Coalition members. The National Assembly should also summon VP Ousainou Darboe to shed light on the story, since he is constitutionally mandated to speak on behalf of the President. Darboe is the head of government business at the National Assembly. He should avail himself before the house to explain how the secret loans were disbursed to the Coalition officials and on what basis.

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