Gambia: Brusubi Community Library in The Gambia


Brusubi Community Library in The Gambia.

Basiru O. Ceesay and Buba S. Njie are students of the University of The Gambia. They want to give children who live in disadvantaged backgrounds and sometimes do not go to school, the opportunity to still learn something. From this desire arose the idea to build a library.

Currently the reading and learning lessons take place outside, as the pictures show. It still lacks the institution of the library.

In the next steps, the library will be furnished. Basiru and Buba also plan to write books and offer reading lessons as well as writing courses and tutoring for children. Education for all or “Make education a reality in The Gambia” is the motto of the students.

The following acquisitions can be realized with the donations from crowdfunding:

– Bookshelves
– Tables and Chairs
– A wall plaque
– School supplies (exercise books, practice books)
– A laminator to create worksheets that are labeled with erasable pens and can therefore be used several times
– A laptop and a printer to make worksheets and other materials for the Everyday use in the library can be created and printed
– radios with CD playback capability and headphones, so that children can playfully learn with radio plays and songs.

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