In what his close aides described as “furious, confused and disappointed Ousainou Darboe” Gambia’s Vice President and the leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) is contemplating resigning from the Barrow Government, amid Barrow’s recent remarks ruling out the possibility of him (Barrow) being replaced by the UDP as a Presidential aspirant in any future elections, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. Barrow’s statement was not well received by Mr. Darboe, who was billed to attend a conference organized by Gambians in Norway this past week. Mr. Darboe has been on the phone with his team in Banjul and across the globe, following Barrow’s weekend bombshell, announcing that he is here to stay as an incumbent President.

Multiple sources interviewed by this medium said Mr. Darboe, has vowed that his party is going ahead with the planned Congress scheduled for December. He also reportedly said he is not going to give way to Barrow to lead the party, should the party’s membership decide to nominate him to run for UDP Secretary General.

“Mr. Darboe is a sad man today. He is not only angry at Barrow, but he is also disappointed by the ignorance exhibited by Barrow during his meeting with the UDP delegation. He felt that Barrow is ignorant of the UDP Constitution and US domestic politics. Mr. Darboe is fuming. He said he is considering resigning from the party before Barrow will set the UDP on fire. He doesn’t think that Barrow is sincere to the UDP and its membership,” said a close aide of Ousainou Darboe, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“It is Mr. Darboe’s fervent belief that Barrow is out to destabilize the party. He kept saying that he cannot continue to work with a “divisive and polarizing leader” like Barrow. He felt being disrespected by Adama Barrow. He even shed tears when he was talking to some trusted aides. He couldn’t believe the news that he was hearing from Banjul. That Barrow thinks that he owns the party and her membership. Darboe has flooded the idea of him resigning from the Government to some trusted colleagues in the party, but he was asked to stay on the job until Barrow’s true motives are discerned,” our source added.

In his address last night to the UDP delegation, who met him at the State House, Adama Barrow said, even in the United States sitting Presidents never face an opposition from their respective parties during Convention. Though that statement of Barrow is inaccurate. President Jimmy Carter, Ford and others were opposed during Conventions organized by their respective parties.

In the meantime, UDP MPS are supposed to meet today to discuss Barrow’s claims that he will not allow an opposition within the UDP, as far as the position of flag bearer is concerned. We will keep you posted with developments.

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