Despite the rancor and the acrimony generated by public outrage over President Barrow’s shady tactics of consolidating and entrenching power, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the tactic is working and the payoff worthwhile. The UDP is left to wonder if indeed Barrow was on the verge of betraying them or not. Barrow is not flinching because he is walking the treacherous path, Darboe and the entire UDP laid out for him. From the get go, they coerced Barrow to abandon the Coalition 2016 MOU and consolidate power. Barrow is doing just that. In his eyes, the internal vilification by the UDP would not dwarf  the treacherous plot by Darboe to disavow the Coalition MOU. As for their MPs, they got no legs to stand on because they all accepted free trucks without questioning their source. So Barrow has the entire UDP where he wants them: Hall of Shame and hypocrisy.
Darboe and Barrow otherwise known in the UDP circle as Father and Son, do not seem to be interested in a face-off or face to face combat. Acting through surrogates, both men are sending unambiguous signals of their intentions. Both are calculating and scheming. Greetings, handshakes and hugs do no expose the content of each other’s treacherous heart. When Barrow was away, Darboe held meetings denouncing Barrow’s maneuvers of buying over UDP yai Compins across the country. Making matters worse, Darboe threaten to fire striking teachers.
As Barrow was returning home from the UN summit, Darboe was ready to embark on his own foreign trip. First off, Barrow rubbished Darboe’s threat to firing striking teachers. Barrow  engaged them directly in a dialogue. It paid off and teachers called off their strike and pledge to return back to their classes. Building upon this success, Barrow expanded his lucrative scheme of buying Yai Compins to include buying National Assembly members with monthly stipend of D10,000. One of the MP refused to take his D10,000 monthly stipend and called it insulting. But the MP Sanna Jawara forgot to mention that he had accepted Barrow’s gift package before and never question the source. In 2017, all UDP MPs accepted brand new pick up trucks from Barrow when PDOIS refused to do so without knowing their source. This is hypocritical. Sanna knows it, and President barrow knows it too.
In the end, Barrow’s shameful tactics may cost him nothing politically. As to how Darboe, Sanna Jawara and a few like minded UDP folks may emerge from this fiasco, is too early to tell. What is clear though, they have lost all moral grounds to mount a credible opposition against Barrow increasing ambitions.
Written By Pierre Gomez
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