Dear Pa,

Good morning. In view of the serious problems currently facing our nation, I want to suggest to President Barrow that he should urgently do the following to redeem his failed Presidency:

  1.  Apologize to the Gambian people for making serious mistakes of governance and not living up to their expectations
  2. Reveal the source of the 57 vehicles. Admit to the Gambian people that he was naïve and misguided to accept them and apologize
  3. Return the US$35 million sent to his wife’s Foundation bank account, revealing the sender and apologize to Gambians
  4. Disband the Fatoumata Barrow Foundation
  5. Reinstate sacked Coalition cabinet members, Aja Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang, Omar Amadou Jallow, Mai Fatty and others
  6. Sack Mamburay Njie, Tangara and other former close Jammeh aides whose appointments have made Gambians very angry
  7. Disband the Barrow Youth Movement
  8. Scrap the Semlex  contract
  9. Implement the Coalition agenda. Hold regular meetings with the Coalition Coordination Committee as agreed
  10. Inform Gambians that you respect the 3 – year transition agreement but it is up to other Coalition members and the Gambian people at large to make that decision
  11. Promise that Government will be more judicious in spending. That you will never again charter a private jet to travel and there will be a massive cut on government travel
  12. Release anyone, civilian or military who is currently detained and not charged or arraign them before a court of law. There should be rule of law without exception.

I hope President Barrow will be brave enough to implement these or similar measures to get his Presidency back on track.


  1. Faye
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