Dear Pa,

Good afternoon. Just want to say that I admire you very much. You are a national icon. However, your recent analysis of our current big ethical problems in government was a bit skewed although I saw the reasoning. This is not merely a Barrow v. UDP or Darboe problem. There is rampant corruption in our government that we should all worry about.

I am not a supporter of the UDP or Barrow because I don’t think either possesses the qualities to unify the country and solve our pressing problems. These are bunch of corrupt and unprincipled politicians. This government is led by Barrow.

Since coming to power in January 2017, we have seen scandal upon scandal; the 57 vehicles, VP appointment, Semlex contract, US$35 million paid into his wife’s foundation, surrounding himself openly with former Jammeh loyalists who failed Gambians and may be more serious ones we don’t even know yet.

We should all be very concerned and absolutely condemn what is going on. Barrow has failed us so far and there is every indication that he will continue to fail us. UDP and Darboe have failed us and will continue to fail us. We need a new class of political leadership to rescue our country. May Allah save our motherland.


Modu Lamin Sanyang
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