‘The publication of false news is still a criminal offence in The Gambia’. _Justice Minister

Dear Sir, we’ve noted the above statement. However, it’s crucial to note that, our country has emerged from decades of worst dictatorship, we needs to find ways to check, monitor, and restrain the power of political leaders and state officials. Citizens much check how state officials use their powers. We won’t relent to raise public concern about any abuse of power. We are still lobbying for access to information, including freedom of information laws, and rules and institutions to control corruption.

It’s our responsibility to expose the corrupt conduct of public officials and lobby for good governance reforms. Verily, even where anti-corruption laws and bodies exist, they cannot function effectively without the active support and participation of the citizenry.

Sir, as citizens, we are not intention with the state. We want to make the state at all levels more accountable, responsive, inclusive, effective and more legitimate. Notwithstanding, we promised to strengthen our respect for the state and its officials.

Well, I am inclined to believe that, our democratic ‘New Gambia’ cannot be stable without deeper respect for the citizens. We are a check and also an important partner in national development and making a positive relationship between the state and its citizens.
Thanks and Regards.

Buba Sanna Njie,
Political Science Student,
University of the Gambia.

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