A prominent member of President Adama Barrow’s transition team Dodou Sano has dropped a bombshell during an interview with the Banjul based privately owned Star FM. Sano, is an unpopular figure in the VP Ousainou Darboe’s diaspora base. He has strongly debunked MP Sanna Jawara’s claims that President Adama Barroow is allegedly in the business of inducing UDP MPS, in an attempt to buy support ahead of the party’s Congress scheduled for December. Sano said President Barrow has long been extending financial bailout to the United Democratic Party (UDP) Parliamentarians. “It was President Adama Barrow, who paid for their deposits, when they contested the past elections. It was also President Adama Barrow, who gave them 57 vehicles, when they complained about transportation problem. The President also responded to their recent plea for help to gas their vehicles. Some UDP MPS came to the President, while he was about to travel outside the country, and told him that they needed help because they are finding it difficult to fuel their cars. The President extended financial help to them, on the basis of their appeal for financial help,” Sano remarked.

Speaking in the Wollof dialect, Sano said, MP Jawara’s allegations against the President are not only false, but totally founded. He accused the MP of deliberately disparaging the reputation of President Barrow just to make himself look good in the eyes of The Gambian community.

“The MP Sanna Jawara, who made the false and malicious accusations against the President, should be summoned by the UDP Executive to clarify issues. His allegations against the President were made up allegations. The President is a decent and God-fearing Gambian. MP Jawara has never queried the 57 vehicles that the President donated to Parliament. He also never queried the financial help that President Barrow extended to him during the past elections. President Barrow contributed towards their deposits at the IEC. Barrow was not doing this in anticipation of favors from the UDP MPS or the other parties which benefited from his gesture,” he remarked.

Dodou Sano has been accused by the UDP base, particularly those residing in the diaspora of encouraging President Barrow to part company with the UDP. He has been named as one of the main pioneers of the Barrow Youth Movement.

“They can say whatever they want to say. I know that most of those talking today, were not around when the UDP was facing its trial and tribulations during Jammeh’s rule. There are some UDP newcomers, whose only objective is to sow seeds of discord among the party’s membership. They are not genuine UDP party members. They have an agenda. They want to destabilize the UDP. The false allegations that they have been peddling against me, will not fly. It is all false and unfounded. My loyalty to the UDP cannot be questioned. I have been around well before them and will continue to be part of the party despite their packed of lies and smear campaign,” Sano remarked.

“The Barrow Youth Movement is part of the UDP. It is here to complement government’s efforts. We have been engaged in community development activities. We have projects in Pirang, Old Yundum and other places across the country. It was the Barrow Youth Movement, who helped to fence the Pirang women garden. Let them talk and we will continue to make a difference in our communities. These are patriotic Gambian youths, who are interested in complementing government efforts,” he added.

Sano also reminded “those falsely accusing President Barrow of trying to take over the UDP” to understand that the party, doesn’t belong to any single individual, including Ousainou Darboe. He said Mr. Barrow is an Executive Member of the UDP and if he (Barrow) has the desire to lead the party, he has all rights to do so.

“President Barrow has no intention of leaving the UDP or forming a party. He belongs to the UDP. The Barrow Youth Movement is not here to take over the UDP. We remained UDP members. They are just trafficking lies. How can Barrow leave the UDP, when he is an Executive Member of the UDP? He just resigned from the party to head the Coalition government,” he remarked.

“No one owns the UDP. The UDP doesn’t belong to anyone. It belongs to its membership. President Barrow doesn’t own UDP. There is no one in that Executive, who can claim ownership of the UDP. No one owns the party. Sadly, President Barrow, has been kept out of the loop about the party’s activities. They will do their own thing and inform him after all is said and done. That is not fair. The President has no other party other than the UDP,” he added.

Sano also said it is foolhardy for anyone to think that President Barrow can be pushed aside and use as a tool to effect change. He signaled that Barrow is here to accomplish his set agenda for the nation. He called on Gambians irrespective of party affiliation to complement the President’s efforts to usher development in the country.

“I don’t know what they want. The President has ensured that the UDP occupies some of the most prominent positions in his government. Ousainou Darboe is the Vice President, Amadou Sanneh, Trade Minister, Lamin Ndambou Dibba, the former Lands Minister, is now the agriculture Minister, and Mariam Jack Denton is the Speaker of Parliament. Let us work towards the development of the country and stop trivial talks. Trivial talks will never develop The Gambia,” he said.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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