Gambia: Director Of Health Services Cannot Get Along With His Staff-Insiders Claims


All is not well at the Ministry of Health. Staffers at the Ministry said the Director of Health Services can hardly get along with his staff. Allegations of eyeing the Minister’s job and lack of team work between the Director and his staff at the Ministry are abound. He has been branded as someone proud, and pompous. The allegations were contained in a letter sent to the Editor by concerned insiders.

” I appreciate your function very much. Keep it up. By the way, I want to inform you that the Minister of Health and Social Welfare is almost in total disarray. The Director of Health Services is proud, pompous and the only thing he is looking for is the Minister’s sit. He is not doing well with anyone in the ministry,” said the insiders

“So far, almost all the programs under his directorate are virtually dormant. He has issues with his Deputy, Secretary, Program Managers and others.”

he Health Director could not be reached for his own side of the story.

“If you could recall, he was one-time Director of Health Services and was moved to Farafenni Hospital as CEO due to such behaviors. Now he is back in the office since last year August, 2017,” said insiders.

“Please probe into the matter and provide Government and the general public a firsthand information about the stake at which the Minister of Health is facing with him. I will continue to give more information, but you can still carry on your investigation.”

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