Our attention has been brought to a “Gainako Newspaper” Editorial dated October 22nd 2018—captioned: “Why would Ebrima G. Sankareh Veteran Journalist and Gov’t spokesperson Snub the media?.” In the said publication, the paper inferred what it referred to as Mr. Sakareh’s past “bitter differences he has had with his former media colleagues especially the Freedom Newspaper the Echo’s sister paper in Raleigh” in an attempt to make a case against the Government spokesperson.

For the record, there has been an excellent relationship between Mr. Sankareh and this medium. Mr. Ebrima G Sankareh’s doors has always been open to the Freedom Newspaper and its staffers. He has never shutdown his doors at the Freedom Newspaper since he assumed the portfolio of Government spokesman.

The Gainako Editorial reads: “Given synopsis of the role Ebrima played as a veteran journalists, his understanding of the history of Gambian media and the importance of the media as the fifth estate, it is inconceivable that he would find it convenient to snub the media. There is no question many were hopeful that the Barrow government which has struggled with communication has finally found someone who will help put its communication and information sharing in order.  But the veteran journalist may have found himself in a compromising situation. There are only few points that may explain why Mr.  Sankareh is not comfortable talking to the very online media he was a part of. It is either as stated earlier, he is not comfortable with policies and messages of the Barrow government or unfortunately he continuous to harbor ill from bitter differences he has had with his former media colleagues especially the Freedom Newspaper the Echo’s sister paper in Raleigh. If the later is true, it is regrettable that our most educated and privileged cannot get past their differences when they find themselves in public service.”

For clarity, I remember receiving a message from Demba Baldeh, while President Barrow and his delegation were in the United States to attend the UN Summit. He wanted to know as to whether if I made any attempts to interview any government official-be it the Information Minister Ebrima Sillah, Government Spokesperson Ebrima Sankareh, or President Barrow.

I responded in the negative. I told him, unequivocally that I did not make any request for an interview with Barrow’s delegation.

Baldeh was somehow frustrated that he couldn’t get hold of Mr. Sankareh.

Mr. Sankareh and I, spoke while he was in New York, before he headed out to Trinidad for a mission. He told me that he was going to visit Raleigh after the UN Summit.

It is our understanding that Mr. Sankareh was hospitalized while he was in Raleigh to see his family. He has been discharged from hospital. He is recuperating from his sudden illness. He is still in the United States.

We are not here to hold brief for Mr. Sankareh, but the truth be told, Mr. Sankareh’s open door policy, as far as the media is concerned, is next to none. He speaks to us, at late hours, each time that he has been confronted with any journalistic query. We rest our case.

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