Gambia: I completely against he who practices corruption


I completely against he who practices corruption.

If one is ask to talk about corruption in The Gambia one’ s mind might believe that everyone in The Gambia is in the busyness of practicing corruption but I take the view that if you see corruption continues to undermined our development is because of us who are educated and elected ,nominated or appointed to manage our public offices. We are the once injecting corruption in our institutions and not our mothers,Fathers and others who has never got the opportunity to go to school.

Nowadays, us who are managing our public offices are all in the busyness of constructing Mansions, purchasing luxurious cars, going to holidays, depositing cash in other parts of the world and so forth when people who empowered us can’t realize the value of their taxes paid. It becomes interesting if one among us who are educated is been asked how are you able to acquired such an uncountable wealth within a short period? the answer shall always be I am blessed but the point is how when our Gambian salaries in most of the cases can’t meet our daily meals in a month.

I take the view that if you see The Gambia is becoming poorer and poorer is because the leaders have chosen that part and is all as a result of poor leadership, poor governance and weak institutions. Similarly, one might ask why is it that we can’t succeed in the fight against corruption in The Gambia when we are organizing number of bodies ,organization, association or even organizing workshops, seminars with the aim of banishing corruption in our institutions ?

My submission to that is that the problem why our nation can’t succeed in the battle against corruption is not because of insufficient laws and policies but instead we keep on electing and celebrating wrong leaders whiles these leaders keep on publishing the younger thief and promoting the bigger once to further weaken our strength of development when all should be treated as such.

Imaging, if ordinary poor Gambian stole a goat to survive, he might be keep in custody and interrogated with so much questions but when a reach and educated someone in public office diverted or misuse our public fund one might say is normal. The point is those of us who seek political offices do say if we are elected we would fight against corruption but our understanding to fight against corruption is always that we should appear to fight against corruption when we are not actually fighting against corruption because we do not mean our words unlike others countries who had succeeded in the fight Today if such countries in Africa such as the Gambia is ask the possibility to fight against corruption majority of the people might likely say no is not possible because they take the view that corruption is at a top level in the political class and therefore can’t be exempted.

But I take the view that it can be done when the executive conspired with the legislature and the legislature conspired with the judiciary then we start the fight towards the grassroot level then we would be succeeded. This can be done through public awareness and public awareness is not about telling people corruption is a bad thing to do to do because they know but is about telling people the need to stop corruption. Secondly, we must strengthen our institutions and of course there must be legislature that will spell out that anyone who is doing something that is to the detrimental of the nation must be published in accordance with the law. The Gambia ever youngest MP

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