Gambia: Gov’t Worker Says They were Put On board A Waiting Car And Transported To Denton Bridge To Cut Grass!


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I was chatting a family friend today who raised concerns and I asked her to send in writing. Please find below:

From a concerned citizen,
Today 23rd October, 2018, at 8 am, we all gathered at the parade grounds for the usual briefing. I was handpicked together with some other colleagues and warned to prepare for a mission without being told what it entailed. At approximately 10 am, those chosen gathered at the common ground believing that there was an urgent national issue at hand. We boarded the transport and were taken to Denton Bridge only to find out it was for a cleaning exercise. This exercise is to go on till Friday.
At the grounds, we were each provided with a sandwich, 3 people sharing a loaf with mayonnaise and sardines and then they instructed us to clear the grass. So many spoke in hush tones about how betrayed they felt once again but too afraid to speak up. GRTS was there filming.
Apparently they had arranged for them to be there to cover the exercise ignoring the fact that most of the people on the ground were there against their will just to make a few people look good. This was not the first time. Security agencies were instructed to clean the gutters of Banjul. I willingly accepted, this was our way of giving back to the community but the people who initiated the exercise where nowhere in sight. I felt exploited.
This took me back to the day, when we were loaded like cattle in a vehicle to Kanilai to work in the farms and told us that in order to show our loyalty, we must obey and work. It reminded me of how I slaved away in the farms, hungry, dehydrated mentally and physically exhausted.
Fast forward to October, 2018, nothing has changed. Politicians continue to manipulate government workers to dance to their biding. Apparently, the Mayor of Banjul has instructed the service sector to embark on a cleaning exercise.
I am not speaking out of spite; trust me I am all about community work but it does not make sense to me and please correct me, if I am wrong but before you do answer these questions for me.
How can one leave their office during official working hours, on a Tuesday to go on a cleaning exercise leaving all work on pause mode.  For what?  What is the BCC mandate?  What is our mandate as a service? What are Banjul City Council workers really doing?  Are the security agencies so over staffed that they have people to spare to please some politician or are security officials too eager to please politicians to secure their positions? How much power do we give Politicians? Is this we entertain and groom certain practices of politicians which we know are not proper then normalize them in the process creating demigods. The same people turn around claiming that they have been victimized by a dictator.  I refuse to be victimized for the second time therefore I am speaking out.
Written By A Concerned Gambian
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