Gambia :What is Qnet? How does it work?


Gambia :What is Qnet? How does it work?

How is it a scam?

By Bulli Sowe

For the past three days I’ve been making extensive research on the so-called business network called Qnet. This comes after a lady’s whatsapp audio was making the rounds in The Gambia.The lady alleged that Qnet have representatives in the Gambia who are luring people into joining the cult network and brainwashing them. Today, Freedom newspaper reported that fifteen people linked with the Network have been arrested by the Gambia Police Force.

For the newbies, Qnet is a direct selling company that started back in 1998, which now sells a wide variety of products online

QNet, the main subsidiary of the QI Group of Companies, was founded by Vijay Eswaran a Malaysian businessman and Joseph Bismark in Hong Kong in 1998.

They claim their business model and products can help ordinary people like you and me enhance their lifestyles and become successful entrepreneurs.

Of course after doing a little bit of research, many people have been wondering is Qnet a scam, or are they a legitimate business opportunity?

To quote them, they say you can build a sustainable business and lasting power by simply doing the 4 Rs, i.e Refer, Repeat,Rise, Retain (pyramid scheme).

The crazy thing about Qnet is that you are not told about the company name until you have paid the amount they requested from you.You won’t get to know about the business fully until you attend a induction program which also won’t give you clear idea of what it is all about. They will tell bullshit examples as I heard from complainants and victims from my research.

Until you sign on a stamp paper they are not going to tell you what exactly you have to do. Few people who already fall into this trap will try to make fool to others that they are enjoying a lavish life and working from home. Once in, you will figure out that you have been made a scapegoat and will shamelessly lure people so as to recover the huge sum you paid.

Moreover, they have training sessions on Sundays and Wednesdays regarding how to make fool out of people .

On Sundays, they call people to convince you with their so-called wealth and fake luxury lifestyle.Then on Saturdays, there is a calling activity.You will need to call people on your name list and offer them your business. If you object to their offer,they are trained about the objections you might have and you will end up agreeing to whatever they tells you. They recruit special agents called ‘’ sweet talkers ‘’ whose job is to lure you into their scam.

These people post pics of expensive hotel stays, trips to Thailand, Malaysia or Dubai

They either rent or buy expensive cars like audi on minimum down payment and on loan. Once they have the vehicle they will post the pictures of it on facebook and WhatsApp status expressing their gratitude for the business opportunity. They will never mention the name of Qnet on facebook or WhatsApp.They are all asked to share this on facebook and whatsapp to lure other people.They will just call it business opportunity.

There are criminal cases of fraud and scams that are filed against  Qnet International representatives every now and then throughout the world.

Besides, Whenever someone files fraud charges against any Qnet representative and police arrests him/her, none of their ‘team’ that they make duping people into is going to come for their rescue as they are also involved in same crime. So watch out my Gambian brothers and sisters.

The business is built on lies and deceit .It’s a money laundering scheme hidden behind irrelevant products not at all worth the price you pay for it.

First they will guide you to make member within your family because if you work hard your family members will automatically earn money without doing anything.And by doing this you already invested few dimes from your pocket.

You need to be manipulative enough to keep fooling the sign ups to get more people in the chain.

In short, you need to kill your humanity, lose your friends and family members who trusted you to break even or earn anything in this ponzi scheme.You can still end up in jail like many others have.

Now to get back your money you will also start pretending and making others fall into the same trap., there are few cases on this company for fraudulent activities that is why they keep on changing company name.Initially it was  known as Questnet,then Goldquest and QI Limited and now Qnet.It is a Hong Kong based Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company owned by QI group.

There are A LOT of complaints about this company in different parts of the world. You can’t join this company unless someone refers you into it. There business model is based around recruiting people, and not selling products.I don’t see this company benefiting anyone in any kind of way.

We can only warn you about this company but whether you join it or not is your own choice..

Again, under the hood of legality Qnet hides the intricacies and tries to trap a person emotionally. DREAM is used as a tool here. QNET is MLM (Multi-level marketing) company. Once you join, you make a namelist and call their friends on a daily basis to enroll more people and earn commissions.There is a concept of HOT, WARM and COLD.If anyone shows you the plan ask them if (I AM HOT,WARM OR COLD). Google more for the same concept of “Upline and downline”.

You will have to become a lying machine. You have to keep lying to people and hide the facts so that people join under you.
Don’t fall for the lavish lifestyle they project on facebook by posting pictures.In reality they are dead broke and buried in debt.

The company is just concerned about  the profits which their International Reps bring in and not how they do it.No responsible company does that.

My advice to our Gambian Brothers and sisters is that whatever you venturing into seek advice from a professional or expert or you will end living in regret forever.

Kudos to the Gambia Police Force.

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