Gambia: Letter to the Editor: Develop Africa Institute should have license and operate according to the law-Modibo Taal Writes


Dear Mr Mbai,

As I told you earlier our experience with NAQAA is too long and complicated; it will be difficult to write everything but we have enough documents to support our complaint and concerns.

For more details, please look at the letter sent to IGP and the one to the Solicitor General.

After your own investigations I will be more than happy to answer any question in relation to this problem.

My only concern is the type of management running the affairs of such an important institute.

As a senior citizen, I really want to see two things happened:-

1.       The matter to be investigated. People and the government of the Gambia need to know the truth about naqaa so that, the Authorities can take appropriate actions to bring order in NAQAA. The register of companies Mr. L. Touray is a member of licensing committee how come he did not inform them about his plans and why he asked his deputy Mr. Alasane Jobe to revoke our registration?  He is defending someone who never invests in this project and as far as I know he did not claim anything from us, NAQAA or his former boss Mr. Tony Johnson in writing, he was working with us all the time since July, 2017 till
November 2017. The register said he will not allow naqaa to give us license unless we buyout Mr. Hamidu Manneh (this is a special subject to be discussed later). This is the reason why NAQAA suspended our application (cheap reason), we were dealing with them since July, 2017 till August, 2018. Where is the competency of naqaa here?? In between
how many licenses were issued?  Even to non-Gambians (Money talk).

The corruption is frustrating the Gambia’s progress and the efforts of the Government; it is our collective responsibility to fight corruption no matter who is involved.

I will not rest until i see the justice take it cause.

2.       Develop Africa Institute should have license and operate according to the law.

If you want to know why I am so concerned about the College to operate in Gambia, check with Gambia college, Sifoe College, S.I.L Lamin and Takulegaye institute about the number of students I personally sponsored over the years. I know how hard is for a poor
child to be educated, I never been to school, I know how difficult is to be educated (my personal experience), that is one of the good reasons I want to see this beautiful institute operate as charity for our youths.

We were having more than 20 students some paid to Senegambia College accounts, and to Develop Africa Institute, some are to be sponsored by our sister NGO, all these youths are out of school waiting to have DAI licensed to continue their education. (What a frustration) the register of companies denied all these people to attend classes just to protect the interest of one person who in any case has no right to anything except being guarantor of SGC, which was registered with intention to hijack the project.

In my opinion, the management of NAQAA is very weak, incompetent and corrupt.

We will deal with more facts during the course of the investigations, as they manufactured too many complicated bureaucracy facts, you will agree with me that even the mistake that is not corrected became fact especially when deliberately created with dubious intentions and backed or supported by legal terms.

I don’t need to comment much on Mr. Lamin Suso’s article about me in your paper because it is not his will, he is under pressure. If he is honest let him tell you who called him and threatening to revoke his own license as lecturer if Senegambia college saga with Naqaa is not removed from your paper, I did not write it and I have no idea about it as it was well before our foundation is involved, he knows very well how I got it.

See the pictures to understand that, both Hamidou Manneh and Lamin Suso were with us as mentioned in my letter to I.G.

How can NAQAA explain the delay to give Senegambia college license as mentioned by Lamin Suso?  I want to believe that, that part was written by someone else for him, (from NAQAA maybe?) It could be their future plans to justify their corrupt attitude, but is too late. More than two years?  What kind of administration is this?

All his statement about the pending license for Senegambia College is a lie, SGC is only on paper that was made by Mr. Touray the registrar of companies for them and paid by Mr. Tony Johnson, Lamin said Jappaleh foundation is my own foundation another big lie, my own foundation is Develop Africa Foundation, he also said I wrote to SIS and Interpol these are all lies, check with them to confirm for yourself if I wrote them or not.

I hope you have enough information to understand that our situation need attention and concern to any good citizen.

Please don’t mind my English language, is not from class room but the street and work places, you can correct the spellings, grammar, etc. where necessary for your readers to understand better.

May Allah protect our home land and be free from corrupt and saboteurs should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact us.

Kind regards

Sincerely yours

Alh. Modibo Taal
General Manager
Tel: + 220 703 00 24
Email: [email protected]

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are entirely that of the author. His views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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