October 25, 2018



Re: Right of Reply re Unfair Allegations Made Against QNet Limited (QNET) Our Right of Reply to your articles titled: • “Gambia: Breaking News: 15 people arrested and detained at the Kairba Police Station on allegations of enticing folks with $100 to join their idol worshipping group called QNET” – October 23, 2018, and • “Gambia: What is Qnet? How does it work” – by Bullie Sowe – October 24, 2018.

We are disappointed and dismayed to learn about the misleading stories published on, on the above-mentioned two different occasions that accuse QNET of being a clandestine group, a scam, and cult network among other things.
We hereby deem it necessary to inform you that the information in both your stories is untrue and the purpose of the articles seem to be to damage the reputation of our company.

We would like to remind you that QNET is a Direct Selling company with a 20-year history, has satisfied customers in more than 100 countries globally, and members of the Direct Selling Associations in various countries worldwide including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Dubai (UAE), that respects, complies with, and operates in accordance with the local laws.

Specifically addressing some of the accusations in your articles, we reiterate that;

• QNET is neither a clandestine group, nor associated with any religion, religious organization or belief. That we pay people to join our group and recruit others is a baseless allegation with little regard to our reputation or business model. We are a Direct Selling company that sells online exclusive quality products under a wide range of categories such as, Health & Wellness, Home & Living, Personal Care & Beauty, Watches & Jewelry, Education, Holidays and Technology.

• QNET is not an ‘pyramid or money-laundering’ scheme. In fact, we are not any type of scheme, but a Direct Selling company that in addition to offering above mentioned products, also provides entrepreneurial opportunity to people who choose to independently market/promote our products.

• The marketing and promotion of our products and services is carried out by Independent
Representatives (IRs), while the sale of these products/services is done through the internet using QNET’s proprietorial eCommerce platform. IRs earn commissions based on the sale of products/services made by them, and their teams. Commissions are paid solely on the volume of sale of products/services, and not for ‘recruiting people’.

We would also like to highlight that QNET has strict Policies & Procedures whereby individuals deciding to be IRs, and thereby marketing our products and business opportunity, must agree to conduct their independent marketing activities in compliance with our company’s policies & 2 procedures and applicable local laws. Additionally, QNET also provides regular training programs (both online and off-line), business tools, best practices, and ethical marketing guidelines (through the QNETPRO program) to our IRs to help them grow a successful business.

All the products and services offered by us are of high quality and adhere to international standards. Millions of customers all over the world have chosen our products, and continue to purchase and consume them. This portfolio of high-quality, life-enhancing products ranging from everyday consumables to high-end luxury items, has been developed exclusively for QNET by international manufacturers.

QNET guarantees that its products and services fully correspond to the specifications which are shown on the official website of our company, and in the unlikely event of a defective product purchased from our website, the customer has the right to contact us for an exchange/refund as per existing laws.

QNET has been a registered in Hi=ong Kong and a company in good standing during its 20 years. We also have offices and 3rd party agents, including some in Sub Sahara, around the world. We would like to place on record that the accusations leveled at us by your publication are baseless and severely damaging to our international repute. We would have welcomed had, contacted us to fully understand QNET and our business, prior to publishing such a baseless article.

Considering the above clarification, we ask that you please publish our reply in full to correct the serious allegations and accusations made against our company, so that your readers will have the correct information and understand that QNet Limited is a legitimate and respected direct selling company.

We also reserve our rights to initiate legal action against your publication and concerned personnel should you be unwilling to rectify this situation.

Timothy Harney
Legal Affairs
QNet Limited

Editors note: Thanks Timothy Harney for setting the record straight. The piece in question was an opinion piece. The writer’s views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper.

On the same vein, we will accommodate your right to be heard. Thanks for the clarification.

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