Gambia: MC Cham Accused Of Misleading The Public!


Dear Editor,

I want to challenge Mr MC Cham Jr’s letter titled Gambia: In solidarity with Pa Njie Giri Gara; The SSHFC report is politically motivated Mr President!. Mr Cham’s complain and his facts are always political. We have all witness it here over and over rumors of Mr Cham’s boss dictatorial malpractices behavior attitude;most recently when almost the whole of his executive body resigned due to his dictatorship and … act all what Mr Cham did was to defend him by putting loose comments across social media.

Gambia will have worst president under Mama Kandeh GDC than Yahya Jammeh APRC if Mama win election under GDC seat. Just by looking at Mama Kandeh’s leadership style his bluffy attitude of the way he administer his political party no one can object to that including Mr Cham, Kanda would be worst than dictator Jammeh.

Coming to the SSHFC report, it’s a big insult for Mr Cham to have the audacity manipulating his political agenda by playing his political brain wash game accusing the task force of being biased because Mr Manjang is UDP supporter this is crazy! I don ‘t know Mr Manjang but if we are trying to eradicate corruption for development, we should not be playing political cards for our own selfish interest. Most importantly Mr Cham should do more on his home work before he start making public statement because most of his statements are not factual based but just mare argument without no reasonable facts.

Written By Kalilu Touray

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