First of my apologies for looking like this y’all know I look way better than this……

Last night passing by Serrekunda  Market  going to handle some very important missions, I was stopped this guy whom I’ve never seen before (Officer Mendy).  He had dreadlocks , was short with rusty brown teeth  and dirty clothes . He held on to my bag and rudely asked me to stop, I felt offended and push his hand away. He insisted and just when things were about get heated , an officer in plain clothes known as Jallow who knew me intervened. Jallow told me that the the dude that held my bag (Officer Mendy) was also an undercover officer trying to catch people selling phones at the SK Black Market.

Me being me and knowing that plain clothes officers are supposed to show their warrant cards to prove that they are officers, protested that the manner in which Mendy approached me was wrong. Mendy and his other plain cloth officers started shouting , calling me rude, bla bla. I emphasized that he should have showed his card as a professional undercover officer would.

Jallow and his colleague screened me and confirmed that I was clean , but I was still humiliatingly cuffed and taken to the Serrekunda Police Station, because according to them ‘’I was rude and thought I knew the law better than them”. Pushing and threatening to ‘’deal with me ‘’ whilst I was cuffed.

Upon arrival at the police station, Officer Mendy and team increased their ruthlessness using force for me to sit next to the other arrested detainees. The officers started insulting and became more loud once seeing the presence of their fellow anti crime unit task force colleagues.

I further protested that they were wrong and nenkunj d jaraleh sen ligay c yawn !!. That’s when this one of  the officers  who removed my handcuffs insulted my mom , now that’s not part of the profession. Ma fayeku and instantly he hit me , punched me in my face like blam!!!

So blam!!! Instantly punched him back. That’s when more than 6 officers jumped on me and started beating me severely and ended up getting teargas sprayed all up on my face till I became semi unconscious, desperately gasping for air  , handcuffed gripped so  tight that it left me with a swollen bruised wrist. I saw blood from my busted lip, bee sting swollen face, barely able to stand but I still had my most powerful weapon – my voice.
But regardless deep down it reminded me of a similar incident back in 2014 during the Jammeh days. I sat there until I was dragged into the pickup because I was limping and walking too slow for them. Got shoved into the pickup with the dozens of other arrested youth.

Luckily it wasn’t mendy and his team that were to escort us to the Anti Crime Unit camp, it was another batch of officers that escorted us. One of them pittied me and removed the hand cuffs from the back to the front , loosened them so I could feel a bit more comfortable . I cant lie I appreciated that, there is always the good ones out there as well.
We arrived at the ACU camp  and fast forward I had to spend a night there was charged with “Assaulting an Officer”,  and when my team came with the lawyer Gorrgi Mboob added another charge, that I  “attempt to commit suicide”, claiming that I wanted to jump out of the pickup truck . lol that one really went over my head. How can someone who is handcuffed ,and has an officer sitting in front him attempt to jump and commit suicide my peoples??

Anyway, I got released on bail in the evening and due to appear at The Kanifing Magistrate court at 8am this morning.

Well one thing for sure is we will go head to head , toe to toe with this. Oh no du yombeh nonu .

Oh time to start exposing these people !!!!

On a separate note :

The one night I spent at the anti crime unit camp in Bijilo really was a really painful experience. Not because of the pain I was feeling in my body but because of the pain of others fellow youth that were in detention at the anti crime unit were feeling.  It was sad seeing one of our country’s most powerful forces operate in an such an inhumane manner, blatantly violating the basic  human rights of our people, especially the youth.

Now this story is no longer about me as I am use to getting brutalized our servicemen and getting my rights have always seized by men in uniform since the Jammeh era, I just thought it would be a thing of the past , but anyway  . I’m going to start off with the treatment of those in detention.

There were more than 76 detainees at the anti crime unit.  All squashed up in this hall that the green boys use to use as their room. With 3 Buckets for detainees to piss in , which has a strong bad smell , and with minimum ventilation that’s the air detainees have to breathe , drink and eat in.

Now out of these 76 detainees majority are youth ranging from 16-35.

I saw them wake up and forced to do labor in the ACU camp formally the Green Boys Camp

I mean some hard labor, as if they were serving time in JangJangBurreh prison. They had to wake up and sweep the camp , than go clear the large fields within the huge camp  with risks of being bitten by snakes etc. One of them was stung by a bee, and had to bare with it in the camp until the late afternoon. Coming back with swollen hands only to be given 2 small bowls of benachin . I swear to god it was so small that the rice disappeared less than 10 seconds.

Police brutality: I saw people get seriously brutalized, Gorr G Mboob would generously welcome new detainees with a slap especially if you trying to explain something. Raf raf nga day dega. Officers were so mean and vogure unless you know them or something. There were a few cool ones tho i cant lie.   But mostly officers who think that showing force on is something to be proud about. Not to mention the police brutality in town conducted during arrest. From shocking civilians with tazers , and physically assaulting many. We see it every day.

I’ve seen this one young susu brother get beaten down so badly  that he has a wound on his left arm. And than an officer smacked and punched him on a separate occasion just because he was standing by the door when the officer was passing by.

Many of the detainees were amongst those gathered during the  ACU operations within the KMC. Some were arrested for allegedly selling phones at the black market junction at night. There were many people there who were not found with anything illegal, but just got caught up at the wrong place at the wrong time ,

Some have been there for more than 7 days. I remind you that the law says that the police can only detain you for a maximum of 72 hours and have to charge or release you within that period…

Some have been there for 3 -5 days, others were newcomers like me. Most of the detainees couldn’t  make calls to inform their love ones about their whereabouts as telephones weren’t allowed. Meaning that you wont be having home cook meals coming your way.

There were detainees who have actual professions and had to go to work but missed out because they were just caught up in the raid.
The list goes on and I can go on and on .

Despite what I faced for doing nothing wrong , I realised that this was actually a bigger mission than just that, I was privileged to see firsthand the blatant injustice and human rights abuse in our own NEW GAMBIA. This experience gave me the chance to sit in a room  full of hungry disgruntled ghetto youths and conversate, and inspire them, or better yet inspire each other.   Letting them know that its time for us as youths to come together find and solutions to change this and that solution is us, knowing our rights will keep us uplifted as the key messages.

Then we had an instant movement of youth who were amongst us. There was this bond that seemed to connect us, despite me being known by most of them , some were even fans and some were from the same hood as me . The connection was we were all young people with great ambitions being crushed by an oppressive system shelled within a so called democracy .We became family, shared every piece of bread together and all.  I heard different stories from brilliant misunderstood elements of society. It was sad hearing the youth express their frustrations and disappointments in this system.
As I left on bail , I felt this sense of sorrow leaving many innocent youth behind not knowing their faith as I got picked up by my team going back to the privileges in life. I had to turn around and go back to wish them all the best . Even tho I know ima see them again.

Theres a lot more to talk about but right now my swollen fingers are hurting, time to go get my body “dambat” by the madam majic fingers Lol and they charged me with attempting to commit suicide .

This is just more inspiration and motivation.



Written By Ali Cham, AKA Rapper Killa Ace

Culled from Mr. Cham’s Facebook page.

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